4D Gift Board

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4D Gift Board

  • €130.45


    • Precio en puntos de recompensa: 130
    • Marcas SOLOMAGIA
    • Código de producto: MGSCE608
    • Puntos de fidelidad: 13
    • Disponibilidad: Disponible - enviado en un día

    Magician shows a frame. There are a gift box on the picture...magician displays the both sides of the frame.then stand it on the table. He displays that his both hands are empty and brings his hand in front of the gift box picture, then... He retrieves a real gift (any small gift,for example,phone,a deck of cards,jewelry box,watch...) from the thin board. There is nothing left on the board. Both sides of the board can be shown before and after performance to display there is nothing hidden. Very practical trick, suit for any kind of magic.

    - No complicated preparations are required.

    - No Assistant is required.

    - Both sides of board can be shown before and after performance.

    - Both sides of your hands can be shown right before the gift’s appearance..

    - Using light material; Easy to carry.