Geometric Puzzle Challenge

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    • Marcas 52Magic
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    This magic puzzle will amaze your spectators. You present a rectangular puzzle in a frame.

    The puzzle consists of various pieces of different sizes, put together it fills the frame completely. They remove the frame and mix up the pieces by moving them around on the table.

    The puzzle is put together again and, as before, results in a complete rectangle. Now comes the effect that makes the spectators doubt their sanity: The magician adds a small, square piece of the puzzle, puts the pieces back together and a matching, complete and flawless rectangle is again created.

    The puzzle fits exactly, even though one piece has been added! Once again the puzzle is mixed up and another square puzzle piece is added. The pieces are sorted and, despite the second, additional piece, they once again result in an exactly fitting rectangle...

    Made of acrylic with bright colors and smooth surface.

    Audience can check the puzzle before, between or after the performance.

    Easy to do and can be performed surrounded.