Bicycle - Archangels by Tom Lane

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Bicycle - Archangels by Tom Lane

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    • Marcas U.S.P.C.C.
    • Código de producto: MRDFBIC156-P-FODF
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    Elegant deck of cards, inspired by mythology and hand-drawn.
    Created by the U.S. Playing Card Company.
    After 6 months of work, the result is breathtaking.
    The back is full of hidden details, where the recurring theme is the contrast good / evil, light / dark, angels / demons.
    Of superior design of the ace of spades, the Jokers, the box and the back of the card.
    Cards are very flexible and of high quality. Ideal for both magicians and for those who want to play cards with a bunch of quality.
    Format: Poker
    Finish: Premium
    Details: 52 regular cards, 2 Jokers