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Indexpress 2.0 (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Vernet Magic

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    Indexpress 2.0 its build with a brand new material! It will last a lifetime!

    Imagine if you could find any billet, secretly, in one second: now with Indexpress 2.0 you can. We developed an index that has all the best features of previous indexes combined and much more. Also, includes a full explanation of "The Invisible Deck" a stunning effect from Michel's professional show:

    One spectator freely thinks one card from an "imaginary deck". The mentalist mentions that something strange has happened to him before the show. He sat at a bar to have some coffee, opened a sugar packet and at the moment of pouring it, the white of the sugar and the black of the coffee made an image of a playing card.

    The mentalist takes an empty sugar packet from his pocket and says: "Nobody saw me, I opened the sugar packet and I wrote what I saw". The empty packet is folded and placed into a wine glass held by another spectator. The spectator who has thought a card is asked to say it out loud, the packet is clearly taken from the glass and showed that it has bold written the though card.
    • Made with a new material
    • Last a lifetime
    • The perfect billet index
    • Ultra-thin
    • Precision made
    • Specially designed
    • Includes: two indexes for 26 billets each, PDF instructions and video download (with live performance, instructions and history)