MELT CARD RED by Mickael Chatelain

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MELT CARD RED by Mickael Chatelain

  • disponible el 19 de julio
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    • Marcas Mickael Chatelain
    • Código de producto: MRMCC1769R-19-07
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    An amazing gimmick with a huge mechanism!

    A playing card, a paper or any bill pass thru matter!

    Mickael propose to you an extremely visual effect ! This is a classical effect in magic, made famous during a TV show by David Copperfield, this Mickael's new version using a diabolical gimmick!

    Your spectator will be bluffed when they will see this effect close to their eyes ! Above all the playing card, paper or bill are 100% fully examinable!

    In front of a mirror, you will be amazed with Melt-Card! I can guarantee it!

    No handlings, instantly reset, 100% visual, perfect for close-up show!