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Julio Montoro

MAKE YOUR CHOICE (Gimmicks and Online Instruction)...


Have you ever thought of performing the classic right from your pocket? Now, with Make Your Choice you can!With this revolutionary new method you will be able to show the cards as close as possib..

Six Outs (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Bla...


Have you ever wanted to fit SIX different outs inside ONE piece of paper? Well now you can. As seen on James Corden, this is the gimmick Blake used to predict where three people sat on stage. "Six Out..

DEJA VU RED by O.M.G. Studios


Deja Vu is an extremely visual effect. A chosen card appears out of the box and Vanishes inside the card box in a snap. It looks like real magic! This effect utilizes an ingenious, custom made gaffed ..

AnyWeb 2 by Magic Pro Ideas


THE GIMMICKED GOOGLE ON THEIR PHONESAnyweb 2 is the first gimmicked Google that you can access easily on any spectator's phone.Will allow you to force ANY image on ANY Google search using ANY borrowed..

Jeff Stone

Diary of a Madman by Jeff Stone - Book


The latest book from Jeff Stone, Diary of a Madman is an eclectic collection of ideas, tricks, presentations, moves, and routines ranging from card control, to mind control. Sprinkled in amongst the m..

Alakazam Magic UK

Spread Travel 2.0


SPREAD - A COMPLETE SELL-OUT AT THE BLACKPOOL MAGICIANS CONVENTION 2020 AND NOW IT’S BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!Spread 2.0 has been redesigned to provide you with even more performing possibilities.Inc..

Ryan Plunkett

Tyvek Envelope System (10 Envelopes and Online Ins...


Unlock a whole new world of potential with the Tyvek Envelope System."The Tyvek Envelope System is a classy and elegant addition to every magician's performing repertoire. The routines made possible b..

SIGABA by Calix and Vincent


SIGABA is a powerful tool to enhanced your revelations. The app allows you to convert a word into an app. You can show a series of single digit that will reveal the thought word, name, company name, s..

Ovations by Jim Steinmeyer


This routine is a GREAT opener both in live or virtual shows. Jim Steinmeyer opened his virtual lecture with this routine and all the cards were mailed to each spectator and the ending was great! It ..

Brain Breach by Ken Dyne - Book


Brain Breach dances impishly at the crossroads of classic and modern mentalism. Two thoughts are used to generate a high security passcode and demonstrate just how vulnerable we all are.This beautiful..

PE Illusions

Quantum Spoon Bend (Gimmicks and Online Instructio...


"Spoon bending" has been mesmerising audiences all over the world for decades. "Quantum Spoon Bend" allows you to use a borrowed, regular un-gimmicked coffee or tea spoon (which may be signed) and vis..

Matthew Wright

Celebrity Scorch (Halloween and Horror) by Mathew ...


You can cause the image of these iconic horror stars to appear on the back of ANY blank, signed card! Even your own business card. Celebrity Scorch Horror edition is a POWERFUL piece of visual magic t..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 1583 (132 Páginas)