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MIND BALL by e-Magic

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    Mind Ball - You will have the ability to know the color of the chosen ball.

    Beautiful mental routines that work completely autonomously.


    Show and open the wooden box. Contains five colored balls. They may turn around, blindfold, or walk to another room.

    Here you have all kinds of options.

    Several spectators each pull a ball out of the box and hide it from view. As soon as you come back, you don't look at the box, you immediately know who took what ball from the box.

    Have one spectator take one ball out of the box and close the box. You know exactly which ball it is.

    Have one or two spectators take turns catching the ball in various places (left pocket, right pocket, etc.). You will immediately know which ball is where.

    This professional set consists of a wooden box with specially designed electronics with a remote control so that everything works perfectly. The remote control has both an optical signal (the color LED of the ball that someone removes) and a vibration function, so you can only feel which ball is being removed if the optical signal is not possible.

    Package included:
    • 5x beautiful Mind Ball (45mm)
    • 1x living box (30 x 8 x 7.5 cm)
    • 1x remote control
    • 1x instruction card