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Knock Out Prediction


The magician takes out two small packets of cards from a card holder, one with a red back and one with a blue back. He places them on the table and states that they are each made up of 4 Kings and tha..

Di Fatta

Prediction Pad


The magician shows a small booklet. On its cover there are the drawings of three common objects: a telephone, a pen, and a key. A spectator names any one of these objects. The selection is absolutely ..

Stack Watch V 2 by Peter Turner


The best-selling magicians wearable of 2020... has a brother. STACK WATCH v2 is covert device for tracking the order of a mixed deck... Without you having to ever know stack. It's a Mnemonica decoder ..

Orphic Business Card Size in Leather (Gimmick and ...


ORPHIC [awr-fik]AdjectiveMysterious and entrancing beyond ordinary understandingOrphic is the ULTIMATE inconspicuous every-day carry wallet for the modern mentalist and magician.Peek, switch and load ..

Riffle Shuffle

Soundboards V4 Green Edition Playing Cards by Riff...


Soundboard Playing Cards were first produced by Patrick Varnavas in 2014 and then released in 2015. The previous editions were a big hit in the community and we are now introducing the latest edition ..

Roulette Fanimation Deck by Mechanic Industries


FANIMATION PLAYING CARDSOur original Roulette Deck was praised for its innovative and creative flip-book animation. Now we've taken that concept, re-engineered and re-envisaged the Roulette Wheel on a..

Dropped Call by Kyle Purnell & Zach Evans


Vanish your phone in the cleanest way possibleDropped Call is a full utility with endless possibilitiesCompletely universalNo switchesEnds clean and examinableThe much-anticipated trick of MagiFest 20..


Fiddle Stick (Blue) by Ellusionist


WHAT IS THE FIDDLE STICK? 1. It's like a one-handed NUNCHUCKS you can fling, flip & spin. 2. It's a FIDGET TOY (on steroids) you can CLICK, ROLL, GLIDE & SLIDE. 3. Fiddle Stick connects to the spinn..

Black Ops Watch by James Keatley


Black Ops Watch allows you do a sleeveless vanish of a coin with almost no sleight-of-hand. Before they even know the coin has vanished - it's hidden in stealth mode...INSIDE your watch.Black Ops allo..

Nerds Playing Cards by Midnight Cards


NERDS PLAYING CARDS: The design for the Nerds Deck is bold, colorful, unique and totally bitchin'! The look is inspired by classic '80s movies that are lighthearted and fun, and occasionally center on..

Galaxy Playing Cards by Galaxy Decks


Fully custom playing cards designed in the UK by Keshav Mongia.Limited to 1,800 standard decks and 200 gilded decks.Originally designed 2017, production initiated in 2020 and finally available for pur..

BERMUDA (RED) by Nicholas Lawrence


We've all seen and probably perform the classic pre-torn corner vanish... Well, it just got a serious upgrade!Tear off a small corner of a playing card and cleanly display it then make it vanish in th..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 100 (9 Páginas)