Enero 2023

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Joel Dickinson

Picture Consequences (Gimmicks and Online Instruct...


Picture Consequences is fun, colorful and engaging.Finally, a routine that is perfect for all age groups and guarantees to leave everybody baffled.Under the guise of a game, your participant (or parti..

Riffle Shuffle

Babylon Golden Wonders Foiled Edition Playing Card...


"Babylon, in all its manifestations, is at once remote to us and all around us. Like no other city, its history has become bound up with legend..." We are here with a deck that is going to take you ba..

Chris Ramsay

Vektek Security Kits (Includes 1 unit of 1st Playi...


Somewhere in the not too distant future, Chris Ramsay sent a distress beacon from the Hadrian Base Station. This is where YOU come in! Can you help Chris track down and eliminate the A.C.E clones? Thi..

Thirdway Industries

Heartless Abyss Playing Cards by Thirdway Industri...


Heartless Abyss is a series about the Nether, an alternative and funny Hell where demons lost their Hearts. It's designed by Thirdway Industries, with gold foil on card backs and a luxury, custom tuck..

Caffeine Rush WHITE by Peter Eggink


At your favorite takeaway coffee shop, be prepared to BLOW your friends away.Show your paper coffee cup to be completely empty and close it with its lid. Visually penetrate ANY small object e.g. a mil..

Sergey Koller

PRESTIGE 2.0 STAGE (No Elastics) by Sergey Koller ...


PRESTIGE 2.0 STAGE:Size is twice bigger A4 (8.3 x 11.7 inches) instead of A5 (5.8 x 8.3 inches) size Threads never break! System works on gravity Quality of flaps, papers and plastic sleeves is better..

Memoria Entropia Playing Cards by Thirdway Industr...


Entropia is the first deck of the Memoria series by Thirdway Industries. It includes 12 recent memories, like Secrets, Enemy, Sacrifice and Experience.Silver foil on card backs3 Metallic inks on front..


Acrobatic Cards and Two Cards Monte - Combo Pack b...


WOW! An amazing deal from Uday! You receive TWO great carry-around effects for the price of one!First, Acrobatic Cards, you visually show five playing cards, slowly and visually you place two of the c..

Power Bank by Gonzalo Albiñana and CJ


"An organic twist for the bank note plot!"- Julio MontoroThe premise of Bank Night has been one of the funniest, most explored and versioned in all of magic and mentalism since its publication in the ..

DeLand's Donut Shop Playing Cards


DeLand's Donut Shop Playing Cards look like a souvenir deck from your favorite mom & pop bakery, but they hide some diabolical secrets within!Inspired by the genius work of Theodore DeLand from over a..

Memoria Ancestrale Playing Cards by Thirdway Indus...


Ancestrale is the second deck of the Memoria series by Thirdway Industries. It includes 12 past memories, like Home, Innocence, Opportunity and Betrayal.Gold foil on card backs3 Metallic inks on front..

Black Market Digital Playing Cards by Thirdway Ind...


BM Digital, aka Black Market Digital, is the second deck of the Black Market Series by Thirdway Industries, that tells the story of a libertarian, secret trade company. The "Digital" edition is inspir..

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