Marzo 2021

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Sorcier Magic

Spike Roulette / Remote by Sorcier Magic


A transparent base supports a large metal spike.The magician asks to hide under one of the glasses or under a bag of paper a very sharp metal tip. The magician, now also blindfolded, holds his hand ov..

JL Magic

Flower Silver 10cm 8m 1 unit by JL - 1 unit


Flower Silver is perfect for stage performances. A compact (10cm wide by 2cm high) silver foil streamer is easy to hide. When extended, it expands into a beautiful, colorful shiny 8 meter garland for ..

Himitsu Magic

MINI ILLUSION by Himitsu Magic


Effect: The magician inserted a paper knife into the gap in the cardboard, and then put the Houdini card that the audience had checked into the gap. Can actually pass through the paper knife directly!..

JL Magic

Perfect Cut Gimmick Deck by Jeff Nolasco and JL Ma...


Perfect cut Gimmick Deck is an incredible visual effect that spectator's will love.EFFECT:The magician takes 2 decks. One red deck, one blue deck.Spread the red deck to the spectator so they know it i..

JL Magic



Reverse Card is an impactful, visual effect where the magician can change a mini playing cards into a regular sized playing card instantly.VisualSpectators love itEasy to do..

Bubble Gum Playing Cards


Bubble Gum Playing Cards - a deck of cards reminiscent of your favorite childhood bubble gum. This deck was designed with magicians, cardists, and card players in mind: featuring a traditional cut and..

Shirosu Playing Cards


Shirosu Playing Cards are Made to Move.The debut deck from Shirosu features a completely unique wraparound design, with three vivid stripes to enhance any movement.Subtle front-facing side stripes and..

Murphy's Magic

Lucky by John Bannon - Book


Featuring:CHOP SHOP. Card trick? Chop cup? Both? Neither? Fractal!PROXY SHOCK. Performer suddenly nails a truly thought-of card.CUT AND RUN. An extended running cut finds four Aces (or whatever you de..

Diamond Jim Tyler

Bamboozlers Playing Cards by Diamond Jim Tyler


This beautiful design was a collaboration between Diamond Jim Tyler and Phill Smith (who designed the very popular Diamond Marked Playing Cards). The artwork of Benjamin Vincent has returned on the fa..

Florentia Antica Playing Cards by Elettra Deganell...


StoryThe Italian city of Florence needs no presentation: it is a synonym for art, history and timeless beauty.Passione Playing Cards is proud to present to you Florentia, the project of custom playing..

Alan Wong

USD3 - Universal Switch Device BROWN by Pablo Amir...


Himber wallet meets minimalism. Again.Here is a new version of our existing product USD, the Universal Switch Device 3.0 which functions exactly the same as the original.If you perform Magic or Mental..

Signature From The Past by Frank Pacheco


A signed card that travels to the past and appears inside a balloon. The spectator will have a balloon that has a folded card inside, the magician gives the spectator a card from the entire deck and s..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 111 (10 Páginas)