Mayo 2021

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JL Magic

Magic Coloring Book (Frozen II) by JL Magic


For years, the classic Magic Coloring Book effect has delighted kids and adults alike.A staple of many magicians and clowns, now the traditional coloring book effect has been upgraded to include image..

Murphy's Magic

Carat BBS 3-Pack Brick Box Sleeve


CARAT BBS BRICK BOX SLEEVE for custom brick boxesDo you collect custom brick boxes (standard 4 rows of 3 decks configuration) but find that they are easily torn and damaged? Are you looking for an aff..


Krib (Dalia) Playing Cards


Krib Playing Cards - Dalia Magician Edition Used a repetitive pattern to represent a license made up of elegant flower that enclose an abstract sphere. A design that means tranquility and order, the r..


Ace Invaders Playing Cards


Aliens have landed and infiltrated a deck of playing cards! The retro-styled borderless back design has a muted, vintage color palette that's swarming with flying saucers. The faces are chock full of ..

Murphy's Magic

VIVE LE CIRQUE by Sébastien Delsaut


Here are cards that will allow you to perform several routines for children on the theme of the circus.Measuring 5,93 x 8,27 inches, these cards will be as visible in birthday condition as on stage.Se..

Murphy's Magic

Louisiana Playing Cards


After several years of work, Louisiana Playing Cards, our premiere deck of cards, is now available.This deck is printed on premium crushed stock with matte paper tuck boxes...

Nexus Wallet (Gimmick & Online Instructions) b...


"Nexus is the only wallet you will ever need"- Tobias Dostal"This is the best wallet I have ever seen!"- Craig Petty Nexus is where form meets function. Where magic and mentalism converge, into a sle..

Full Contact (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by...


With permission from Meir Yedid and the Mullica estate, Nick Diffatte is proud to present Full Contact.Full Contact is Nick's updated handling and variations on Tom Mullica's Sight Savers trick which ..

Murphy's Magic

Silver Lost Souls Chop Cup by Mike Busby


Dude That's Cool Magic are very proud to introduce the "Aged Silver" Large Lost Souls Chop Cup. We feel this is by far the best chop cup we've created.This truly is a collectable item - You'll just lo..


REEL SHARP (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by U...


Welcome to REEL SHARP by Uday Jadugar! This highly crafted pen reel hides in plain sight and can produce some of the most mystifying and magical effects ever! REEL SHARP uses strong Kevlar thread and ..


Limited Moonshine Vintage Elixir Playing Cards by ...


The finer things in life are those left to mature, develop, and become enriched with elegance and mystery. Almost a decade ago, Moonshine Playing Cards (First Edition) came screaming into the magic wo..


Black Ghost Legacy V2 Playing Cards


SOME GHOST STORIES ARE REALOnly existing in folklore, the Black Ghost were a myth and occasionally witnessed in select Ellusionist promotions and contests.Dragged into the industry by overwhelming dem..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 118 (10 Páginas)