Octubre 2021

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Growing Ball from Magic by Gosh


The magician displays a small (5 cm) sponge ball. He places the ball onto his closed fist and pushes it down inside. When he opens his hand the ball has somehow grown into a large (10 cm) ball!Only on..

Di Fatta

Card Magnets - 10 x 0,5 mm - 10 pcs per box


Here is a tool as important as useful in magic : Neodymium Magnet.Finally some very small and very thin magnets that can have many uses... in particular to build your gimmick cards!..


Silver Sackbut Playing Cards (Black)


LIMITED EDITION: Only 2500 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.In the 1990's in Hong Kong, there were a lot of gambling films that attracted a large audience. Some of the characters' names still leave a de..

Deluxe Wooden Ball Vase (Merlins Premier Range) by...


This classic of magic is beautifully made from choice hardwoods. This really is one of the best hand crafted Ball Vases available on the market today. This model is finely crafted by our own craftsman..

Murphy's Magic

Carat XBC Single Deck Case


Introducing the new Carat XBC Single Deck Case, the largest single deck case made by Carat Case Creations, developed to accommodate the recent releases of larger, more luxurious tuck boxes like the Ki..


Magic Blocks Deluxe by 7 MAGIC


The building block miracle is a true magic puzzle!For the puzzle part: the performer starts by showing that the puzzle fits into a frame as a rectangle. The performer rearranges the blocks and the blo..


Playing Card Collection GOLD 12 Deck Box by TCC


None of us would express dissatisfaction that we have too many decks of playing cards. With one's growing collection of playing cards, brick boxes have become a necessity among playing card collectors..

Art of Play

Eastern Forest Playing Cards by Art of Play


Shuffle the deck and deal a miniature ecosystem. What links the lives of the creatures in your hand? What connections - seen and unseen - do you have to these sylvan beings? Feel, look, listen, and sm..

Murphy's Magic

Graphic Design CheatSheet V2 Playing Cards


The goal of Graphic Cheatsheet V2 is to create a functional purpose within a deck of playing cards. The design keeps the color aspect and also integrate useful references that can be used on a daily b..

8 Deck Wooden Storage Box by TCC


Material: Fraxinus Mandshurica: NortheastChina Ash (Latin name Fraxinus Mandshurica Rupr.)Do you want to receive the highest praise for your card collection?If so, this series of high-end Wooden Stora..

Art of Play

Ace Fulton's Day of the Dead Playing Cards by Art ...


"We return to see everything as it was, infinitely beautiful."The ultimate deck of cards for the Halloween season. Fulton's Day of the Dead weaves a personal story of the afterlife, Halloween, and Day..

Eugene Burger: Final Secrets by Lawrence Hass and ...


In 2019, Larry Hass released the first of two posthumous books that were to share all of Eugene Burger's unpublished materials. Carried out at Eugene's request and in close collaboration, these books ..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 130 (11 Páginas)