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Orbit Christmas V2 Playing Cards

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    • Marcas U.S.P.C.C.
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    HO HO HO Orbit homies!!! You've been nice this year, you deserve some 2022 Christmas Orbits. When these are sold out, they're gone forever and we always hear that folks wish they bought more. So, make sure you buy enough. Build some memories with these so when you hold these cards later in life you'll be reminded of how dope the end of 2022 was! Treat yo self and Treat yo elf!

    Deck specs:
    • Air-cushion finish
    • Premium thin-crushed stock
    • Traditionally cut
    • Retro Arrco 1960's pip package
    • Matte tuck
    • Made at USPCC
    Quantity: 10,000 decks