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PHONE APPETIT 2022 by Tenyo Magic

  • €19.90
    • Precio en puntos de recompensa: 20
    • Marcas Tenyo Magic
    • Código de producto: MRSCE1616-DF
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    While wearing a face mask printed with a giant red mouth, the magician suddenly "eats" a smartphone in plain view!

    Props enclosed:
    • Face mask (with adjustable-length ear loops)
    • Dummy smartphone (requires simple assembly)
    • Instruction sheet
    The enclosed mask is identical to standard cloth face masks, but is not intended to prevent the spread of germs.

    1. Put the mask on your face...
    2. And suddenly gobble up the smartphone with your giant mouth! (nom nom!)
    3. Bring the half-eaten smartphone near your mouth, and the phone instantly returns to its full size! (restored!)