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The 1914

Eclipse (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Dee ...


Every mentalist needs ESP cards in their toolkit and now you can own one of the greatest ESP decks ever devised.Eclipse is a secretly marked deck of 25 ESP cards (+ gaffs) meaning that YOU know which ..

Cognito Physical Copy (App & Online Instructio...


"The best app of the decade."- Craig Petty "Cognito is genius. What an incredible tool with limitless possibilities. 11/10"- Christian Grace Magicians and mentalists have strived for centuries to crac..

Mark Elsdon

iLevel Pro by Mark Elsdon


In 2013, Mark Elsdon created and released iBalance, which allowed you to balance a borrowed cellphone on your fingertips.But that trick became obsolete, as the gimmick doesn't work with any current ce..

Murphy's Magic

RD Insta Lite (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by...


The MOST VISUAL cube solve on the planet! With absolutely NO MOVEMENTS at all, you INSTANTLY SOLVE a mixed up cube like CGI EFFECT (You have to see it to believe it!). It is so visual that you will sw..

The Phantom Hand by Jean Xueref


This is ultimate device for performing invisible thread magic; animation, floating objects, rising card and many other I.T. effects. No more fear of breakage, losing loops or snagging a reel. Already ..

Murphy's Magic

The Perfect Pen (Gimmicks & Online Instruction...


Pen through Anything is a CLASSIC of magic created by the genius mind of John Cornelius. It would seem impossible that this perfect illusion could be improved upon.. Well, leave it to John Cornelius ..

Petroleum by Max Lukian


A selected card is signed and lost in the deck. The cards are shuffled face up into face down - and shown to be completely mixed on both sides. Without ANY funny moves, you instantly spread the cards ..

Nexus Wallet (Gimmick & Online Instructions) b...


"Nexus is the only wallet you will ever need"- Tobias Dostal"This is the best wallet I have ever seen!"- Craig Petty Nexus is where form meets function. Where magic and mentalism converge, into a sle..

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