La categoría "Accesorios de magia" de nuestra tienda de prestidigitación le ofrece una amplia gama de accesorios y equipos para magos de todos los niveles. Encontrarás todo lo que necesitas para convertirte en un mago profesional, con accesorios adecuados tanto para principiantes como para expertos. Estamos orgullosos de ofrecer solo los mejores fabricantes y marcas de equipos para magos, incluidos accesorios de calidad como pañuelos, anillos, monedas, cilindros, mesas de primeros planos y mucho más. También ofrecemos tutoriales y guías para ayudarlo a aprender a usar accesorios y convertirse en un mago exitoso. Explore nuestra categoría "Accesorios mágicos" hoy y descubra todo lo que tenemos que ofrecer para mejorar su arte de la magia.

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Soap Bubbles Streamers / Charter Close-Up Pad
Card clip Gags and Jokes DVD and Didactis
Flash Paper & Flash Rope Juggling Magic Kit
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Italian DVD Ball Sponges
Rubber Bands Ballons Italian Books
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Di Fatta

Flash Bang Wand (with 72 bang caps included)


Thanks to this amazing tool, the magician can point his wand in any direction and shoot two balls of fire.There will be a bang and instantly a flash of fire will shoot out of the tip. This can be repe..

Alan Wong

Rainbow Fan by Alan Wong


Rainbow Fan is perfect for any snowstorms act, butterfly storms, color storms, or use this brightly colored fan instead of a magic wand with a wave of the rainbow! Large size 13x25 inches when fully o..

Magic Dream

Anything To Matchbox by Axel Vergnaud x Magic Drea...


"Layman have been hypnotized to see things as they "think" they should be. You can rely on this and use this incredibly powerful utility to your advantage." This product allows you to effortlessly mak..

My Sh*t List by Diamond Jim Tyler


The cover is made of a fluorescent yellow durable material. The inside is filled with twelve blank pages to collect people's or heckler's names. The booklet measures 3.5" tall and 2.5" wide to fit e..

Alan Wong

No Tear Pad (Medium, 15 x 20 cm, Tear/No Tear Alte...


The Tear No Tear Pad offers you a pre-assembled normal looking plain note pad with alternate tear (normal paper) and no tear (non-tearable composite paper). It comes with a professional comedy working..

Colt 52 - The Ultimate Deck Holder by Steve Thomps...


Meet the Colt 52 - the ultimate deck holder designed by Gerard Kearney and Steve Thompson. It's a must-have for every magician out there, whether you're a seasoned pro or just dabbling in the hobby. T..

Alan Wong

18K Gold Plated Magic Wishing Coin by Alan Wong


This is a real Gold 18K Plated Special Edition Magic Wishing Coin housed in a luxurious collector's coin box with a built-in LED light. When you open the box, the light will come on and the gold coin..

John Kennedy Magic

Thread Spool (fine thread) by John Kennedy Magic


This Thread Spool is .004" diameter nylon sewing thread for Jump or Black Box...

Stainless Steel Blindfold 2.0 by Richard Osterlind


After almost three decades, the Osterlind Stainless Steel Blindfold gets a facelift! The Osterlind Stainless Steel Blindfold has been on the market since 1987. Its success has been so overwhelming tha..

Jupiter Prediction (Add-on for Jupiter) by Thomas ...


One of the biggest hits of 2024 Blackpool was Thomas Badar's JUPITER trick. Now here's the additional trick for JUPITER, we present you JUPITER PREDICTION!JUPITER PREDICTION is a pure prediction effec..

Smart Memo Pad (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) ...


The PITATA Smart Memopad gives you an instant impression of anything written or drawn on a notepad they're holding. This is possibly the most discreet and powerful impression pad in the world.Enjoy th..

John Kennedy Magic

T.I.T.S. by John Kennedy (Terrific Invisible Threa...


Got T.I.T.S.? We're talking about John Kennedy's Terrific Invisible Thread System! What makes it so terrific?... T.I.T.S. IS EXCITING! It's not a reel. It's not a loop. It is a completely new system f..

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