Transformations and penetrations

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Tora Magic

Infinite Money by Tora Magic - Euro

Disponible el 10 de marzo

Everybody wishes plain papers turn to money! And you can make poeple`s wish come true by having one of these for you: you can magically transform papers to money!A very quick transformation happens in..

Jumping Rhinestone


The magician showsa die which he then puts in the hand of a spectator. Then he shows a stick filled, on both sides, with small rhinestones. A moment later the rhinestones will vanish from the wand... ..


Color Extraction (Gimmicks and Online Instructions...


Comes with a specially manufactured gimmick and everything you need to perform this close-up miracle.Reset in secondsIdeal for walk-around magicVery visualGreat for social mediaThe magician shows an o..

Flick! Whiteboard by Tejinaya & Lumos Magic


Created by Yuji Enei & Syouma, produced by Tejinaya & Lumos Flick! That's all. It is a whiteboard version of the popular flick series Draw letters and illustrations on the whiteboard, flick th..

Tora Magic

THE NECKLACE by Tora Magic


Produced and designed by Tora Magic CompanyDisplay an ordinary necklace to an audience, the audience can cut the necklace from anywhere that she/he desires, put it in the container afterwards, mysteri..

Tora Magic

SWEET MIX by Tora Magic


Sweet Mix is a sweet magic, made by Tora magic to bring happiness and excitement to your performance. You can mix 2 different chocolates with different colors and instantly separate them again.Note: t..

Di Fatta

Devil box

Disponible el 20 de marzo

Show a square box having a sliding door in front with two slotted holes in either side near the middle, a metal rod, a stand along with a small block which has hole running through its center.Open the..

Holy Wood by Hanson Chien & Yao

Hanson Chien Prodution Company - HCPC

Holy Wood by Hanson Chien & Yao



A DECK OF CARDS MORPHS INTO A WOOD BLOCKThis miracle is designed by Hanson Chien and engineered by Yao.BASIC EFFECTTake a card push it through a solid deck of cards. When the card box is opened, howev..

Magic Dream

Switch Cup Ash Edition (Gimmicks and Online Instru...


"They will teach you how to use Switch Cup in a hundreds of ways in an amazing video of two hours and 45 minutes! This tool is a very good product. Quality is great and I liked the fact Magic Dream ma..

Meir Yedid Magic

Escapist Coin (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) b...


You get two strong coin routines for casual situations, that are very easy to learn, and are examinable at the end.Show two coins and a broken rubber band. The coins are an American penny and a dime t..

Tenyo Magic

Shocking Pass Case 2024 by Tenyo Magic


The magician shows the transparent compartment of a wallet and inside it puts a white piece of paper after having folded it. He gives the transparent compartment a "snap" and take out the piece of pap..

Martin Schwartz

Dr. Schwartz's Pencil-Tration (Gimmicks and Online...


From the inventive mind of Dr. Marty Schwartz comes an incredible penetration effect - PENCIL-TRATION. The effect is straightforward. A spectator freely selects a card and you place it back into the d..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 904 (76 Páginas)