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A unique combination of the Object to Impossible Location effect and Card Magic: The selected card travels to a seven-layer card box.The gimmick is compatible with PURE Black Playing Card.A selected c..

Murphy's Magic

4 FLUSH Red Back by Nick Trost and Murphy's Magic


Nick Trost's 4 FLUSH is a quick, super-visual Miracle!You start by showing five blank-faced cards and one Four of Clubs. The Four of clubs is brushed against two of the blank cards and they change to ..

Andrew Mayne

Final Dot by Andrew


You are about to perform a small miracle using only a card and a marker!Draw a simple dot on the back of the card and that’s it!This dot moves alone and miraculously writes the name of a card that was..

Di Fatta

Bicycle - Three Card Monte


Here is an all time classic made with specially printed Bicycle cards The magician shows 3 cards: a red card and two black ones. He slowly mixes them face down, and challenges a spectator to find the ..

Andrew Mayne

Jump Pips 2.0 by Andrew


Are you looking for something extremely visual? That has instant reset? That will resonate with your audience and that is extremely easy to use? Then you look for Jump Pips by Andrew! Unbelievably, ..

Quick Change Kings


Here is a super fun and super easy packet trick for you. The magician says he has four kings: two black kings face up and two red kings face down. Mysteriously the black kings change places with the r..


Hyper Bent Elation by DARYL


DARYL'S HBE (Hyper-Bent-Elation) is one of the most perplexing and unique card tricks you can perform. Two cards are selected and signed before being openly cut, folded and passed through "the fo..

TORNADO by Peter Eggink


Smoke in a Glass ReinventedPerform the classic "Smoke to Glass" as never before -for the first time ever it's super visual, super easy and super practical to perform. Tornado is the closest thing to r..


Inferno by Joshua Jay - Large Index


Joshua Jay has worked for years on a seemingly-impossible goal:  a NAMED card appears in a matchbox. No deck, no riffle force, no complications. Just one card in play, inside the matchbox...the ..


The Only Queen


The magician says he would like to do an experiment in order to test the spectator's memory. He shows four Queens and puts them one at a time face down on the table. The spectators must try and find t..

SM Productionz

Attraction Blue (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)...


ATTRACTION is a project that will enable you to create an intriguing sound magic effect with a bell and a selection of different card tricks.Some of these tricks can be performed directly by your spec..

52 Cheetah (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by B...


All the cards in a single-pocket indexIn 2022, we introduced the revolutionary two-pocket card index system called "Cheetah," which garnered universal acclaim within the magic community. Now, we've de..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 2773 (232 Páginas)