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Tora Magic

Juicy News by Tora Magic


Juicy News is one of the fastest action trick of Tora Magic. How this fascinating trick works, makes everyone amused and laugh at the same time.To understand what I'm trying to say, you gotta watch th..




The 20th century was purportedly the most brilliant period in human history. Both science and the arts have experienced rapid development during this period, and so has the art of Magic.From the black..

Taiwan Ben Magic Shop

GLACIER by Taiwan Ben


Liquid suspension has been a classic in magic for decades. Now it's better than ever.Glacier is a modern improved version that can be done with borrowed bottle. Glacier is engineered to have none of t..

Multiplying Wine Bottles - #3 Professional

Di Fatta

Multiplying Wine Bottles - #3 Professional



This 3 bottle set is perfect for:- those who want to implement the set of 6 already purchased and thus bring it to 9 bottles.- who needs replacement bottles.- who wants to use the bottles as a product..

Di Fatta

Liquid Suspension Tube


The performer shows an empty tube, a glass full of colored liquid and a clear glass. The liquid is poured into the tube and magically stays suspended inside the tube!A silk is then passed through the ..

Mr. Magic

Diminishing Milk Glasses (multum in Parvo) by Mist...


Four plastic tumblers of different sizes are displayed on the performer's table. The largest tumbler is found to contain milk full up to its brink. The performer pours the milk into a smaller size tum..

Skymember Presents PULLED EXTREME (Red)  by Alan R...

Alan Rorrison

Skymember Presents PULLED EXTREME (Red) by Alan R...



This is Pulled Extreme. Created by the brilliant mind of Alan Rorrison, well known for the popular effect "Smoke" and his consultancy work for Dynamo and Troy.This trick is profoundly mind-blowing; yo..

Gustavo Raley

Super Pad 2 (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by ...


Various cards with images of drinks are shown. The spectator chooses one, then the magician takes from an envelope a giant pad of paper, saying that he will guess which drink the spectator selected. T..

Murphy's Magic

Wonder Glass PRO (Unbreakable)


This is one of the oldest classics of magic. The unique qualities of this glass are that it is unbreakable and easily washable. The basic effect is that a glass full of milk visibly diminishes, leavin..

Di Fatta

Multiplying Wine Bottles - #6 Professional


A glass and a bottle magically change places many times under the cover of two tubes. Then a glass of wine is also poured from a bottle, and now the bottle and full glass magically transpose! During t..


Tuban giant bubble wand PRO (100 cm)


Even bigger soap bubbles? Everything is possible with TUBAN! The PRO series is magic at an advanced level. Longer handle and more string to create bubbles in XXL sizes. Can you imagine it? Recomm..


Tuban soap bubble ring


This is a really practical and super fun bubble ring.With it you will reach the next level in creating bubbles. Thanks to it, you will create medium-sized bubbles and bubble tunnels. Only the bub..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 65 (6 Páginas)