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La categoría "Magia de Salòn" de nuestra tienda de juegos de prestidigitación ofrece una amplia gama de trucos y equipos para magos de escenario. Encontrarás todo lo que necesitas para convertirte en un mago de escenario profesional, con trucos adecuados tanto para principiantes como para expertos. Estamos orgullosos de ofrecer solo los mejores fabricantes y marcas de equipos de magia de escenario, incluyendo ilusiones de calidad, levitación, escapología, desapariciones y transformaciones. Además, ofrecemos tutoriales y guías para ayudarte a aprender los trucos y convertirte en un mago de escenario exitoso. Explora nuestra categoría "Magia de Salòn" hoy y descubre todo lo que tenemos para ofrecer para mejorar tu arte de la magia de escenario.

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REEL WATCH - Stainless with black band smart watch...


Introduced for the first time, a smart watch made of high quality material. A very tiny ITR is hidden in the watch. Useful for floating the objects. Easy to set-up in case the thread is broken. Availa..


REEL WATCH Titanium Black with black band smart wa...


Introduced for the first time, a smart watch made of high quality material. A very tiny ITR is hidden in the watch. Useful for floating the objects. Easy to set-up in case the thread is broken. Availa..

Hanson Chien Presents WBD (Water Balloon Dropper) ...


WBDMake liquid in a glass appear out of thin air. Welcome to the 3rd project of Black Holder Series from Ochiu Studio! WBD can hold a water balloon up to 50mm in diameter, 60 ml in volume, the dropper..

Bill In Lemon by Syouma


SYOUMA's Bill in Lemon has been improved!It's even easier to use than before.Effect:Ask a spectator to put a sticker on the borrowed bill and sign it.The magician folds the bill into a small size and ..

THE VASE (gimmicks and online instructions) by Ale...


Welcome to the world of magic served in a simple pen holder.We take pride in providing magic with a practical tool for use in any situation.With an elegant and mysterious design, 'The Vase' is much mo..

Instant Magician Dress


The magician invites a spectator to help him and claims that he will make him, instantly, a magician! The fundamental thing to be a good illusionist, and to be able to implement the appropriate skills..


Ball and Vase - New


A ball appears and disappears mysteriously from the inside of an attractive vase! • The item measures cm 10 (in. 3,9)...


Deck Shell 2.0 Set (Blue Bicycle) by Chazpro Magic


The Deck Shell 2.0 by Chazpro! Bicycle poker sized blue back new and improved!Presented by my good friend - magician Barry Taylor!The Deck Shell What the coin shell did for coin magic... the Deck Shel..

Mr WAND (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Mr. ...


Introducing "Mr. Wand": The Enchanting Animated Companion for Kids' Magic!"Mr. Wand" brings enchantment to life with its animated mouth, adding a touch of wonder to your tricks and captivating young a..

SHAPET (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Gusta...


Are you ready to shape your imagination?Gustavo Raley presents a close-up family effect to your shows.Showing different cards with pets, the spectator select one and the magician will guess it using a..

CRASH ON (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Gus...


Gustavo Raley presents Crash On by Gustavo Raley & Agustin ViglioneA classic effect adapted with a new elementA post-it sheet, a borrowed bill or even a card, you could be across them with a crayo..

Bond Lee

The Ultra Cane (Appearing / Metal) Black by Bond L...


The Ultra Cane (Black and White Striped)Produced by MAGICLISMPerfection is what we seek.After years of research and experiment, we have finally come up with this perfect appearing cane - the Ultra Can..

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