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Smoke and fire can not only make magic full of visual appreciation, but also increase the stimulation and magic degree, greatly improving the audience's expectation and interest in magic.You can use i..

JL Magic

Flat by Magicat


There are no suitable words to describe this amazing effect.Enjoy the video and love the magic of this devastating effect ... If this isn't magic!We still don't believe what we saw!• JL Magic quality...

Di Fatta

Card to Fire wallet


A card is selected, signed by a spectator and returned to the deck. The deck is put into its case. The performer then pulls out a wallet from his pocket and opens it. Suddenly the wallet bursts into f..

JL Magic

JUYONG Linking Hangers by JL


A beautiful routine of colored crutches that, step by step, mysteriously link and unlink. All with very visual moments that grow in intensity.In the final part of the routine, a spectator will be hol..

Kingdom Black Pearl Box Set


In order to bring the luxurious feel of the product to the extreme, we used black and gold colors to create this new version of KINGDOM: Black Pearl Boxset. This version uses a variety of manufacturin..

Six Outs (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Bla...


Have you ever wanted to fit SIX different outs inside ONE piece of paper? Well now you can. As seen on James Corden, this is the gimmick Blake used to predict where three people sat on stage. "Six Out..

Salted 2.0 (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by R...


The greatest "long salt pour" ever!Have you ever wanted to perform the Long Salt Pour trick? Imagine vanishing the salt and instantly showing both hands empty! Ruben Vilagrand, the last winner of FISM..

Lee Alex - Tamer Kurter

Old MacDonald's Farm Gag Bag by Lee Alex


Lee Alex presents OLD MACDONALD'S GAG BAG with additional routine idea by Rafael (Belgium)A breath of fresh life for the traditional Chameleon/Gag Bag effect married with the internationally famous ch..

Twister Magic

Stop Bullying by Mr. Dwella and Twister Magic


From the mind of Mr. Dwella from Puerto Rico, comes this super routine for children and family shows.Inspired by the classic Ring, Watch and Money effect, popularized by the great Tommy Wonder and the..

The Magic Show by Tristan Magic (Music Album) - Ot...


Tristan brings something really special to the world of magic!The Magic Show album! A unique collection of twenty magical compositions, with a variety of styles and mood, created especially for the ar..

Lee Alex - Tamer Kurter

Santa Bandana by Lee Alex


LEE ALEX PRESENTS... "SANTA BANDANA"THE CHRISTMAS DEVIL'S HANDKERCHIEF THAT YOU CAN WEAR!This wickedly clever utility device can be worn (if you wish) as a neckerchief, bandana or face covering."Ever..


Card Into Frame by 7 MAGIC


Magician shows an empty photo frame. It is just an ordinary frame; nothing is special.The magician asks a audience to choose one card and makes sign on it.The magician returns the signed card to the d..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 4033 (337 Páginas)