Productions and Vanishes

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Di Fatta

NERD by O_Nul and SangSoon Kim


[N E R D] was created through the collaboration of O_Nul and SangSoon Kim."We tried to make not just a 'Gimmick', like a piece of art, then we started a project to share with many people, finally we m..




IntroMagician Conan Liu has used this classic effect, the drawer box in hundreds of his TV appearances and corporate shows. He searched through all of the similar props available on the market and fou..

Di Fatta

Quick Bubbles


Revolutionary tool that allows the magician who wants to make bubbles in her routine, not to have to bring a table, the container with the liquid and the tube on stage.Idsceneal to carry in the jacket..

Murphy's Magic

EGG BAG by Bacon Magic

Disponible a partir del 19 de octubre

Egg Bag is a really great trick. Good tools are essential things, a good egg bag will make your performance even better. This seemingly ordinary bag actually contains a lot of design details, if you w..

Martin Lewis



Our stage size Cardiographic is now even more performer friendly. Introducing the Cardiographic Rapid Reset Pro.Built for the busy working pro, utilizing the very latest materials technology, it works..

Tora Magic

Tora Radio dal sacchetto


Pop up a large stereo from a previously empty paper bag shown!Tora Magic quality. ..

Alan Wong

Silk to Pumpkin by Alan Wong


Trick or Treat!You begin with a small black silk and talk about the dark Irish tale of Stingy Jack, who tricked and upset the Devil. The Devil kept his word not to claim Jack's soul, but would not all..


Appearing Steel Cane


Good quality appearing cane.Available at a good price.The cane is supplied in a beautiful box...

JL Magic

Appearing & Vanishing Rice Bowl by JL Magic


Produce and vanish the rice from a bowl at your command! Show an empty rice bowl all around and instantly produce enough rice to fill the bowl. You can just as easily vanish the rice or "feed" it to a..

JL Magic

Flower Pot V2 to Blendo (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) by JL Mag...


Flower Pot V2 to Blendo (Happy Birthday) is a fun effect for your stage show.The magician shows a beautiful bunch of big, colorful flowers in a pot.Instantly the magician transforms the flowers into a..

CINEMAGIC FLASH (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)...


CINEMAGIC FLASH is a small old cinema, which is operated manually like the old-fashion cinemas. In this cinema there is a film of the hand of a magician appearing poker cards. finally, when the magici..

My Invisible Friend by Mr. Daba


My Invisible Friend is a fun routine for children and families! This complete routine is a new take on the zombie ball effect with sponge balls.It is easy to learn, easy to perform, and extremely enga..

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