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Jaehoon Lim

J.H. Professional Dove Loop Holder by Jaehoon Lim


J.H. Professional Dove Loop Holder is a new innovated system for dove workers. There are a lot of dove loop holder systems in the market, but this is by far the most reliable, comfortable and practica..

Flame Retardant Snowstorm White


Flame Retardant Snowstorm White



A piece of tissue paper is torn to shreds & immersed in water. You scoop out the soggy paper & squeeze out any excess liquid. Using a folding fan you wave over your hand & the paper turns ..

Professional Sands of Desert by Luis de Matos


Luis de Matos finally releases his unique version of the classic "Sands of the Desert." What became his signature piece is now available to the professional performer through a very limited number of ..

OverFlight by Takemiya Masaru


A revolutionary solution of Ring Flight by Takemiya Masaru.Every phase of the vanishing is extremely clean. The complete disappearance occurs very openly and smoothly. You hold the ring after showing ..

Clear Penetration

Disponible a partir del 17 de noviembre

The magician displays a frame with a clear plastic plate in it. A playing card is put over the transparent plate. The magician penetrates the card with a pencil which will also be seen passing through..

Snowstorm Deluxe (White) by Raul Brauer


The snowstorm is one of the favorites and classics in magic, but now with Snowstorm Deluxe you will make a real blizzard come out from your hands.Snowstorm Deluxe is hand made from ultra-light weight ..

Insta-Snow Bag - 40 gr


Just Add Water!Insta-Snow is an amazing superabsorbent powder that looks like real snow when you simply add a small amount of water! This special powder expands to 100 times its original volume to mak..

JL Magic

Mental Bell by JL Magic


With Mental Bell by JL Magic make a bell mysteriously ring with the power of your mind.You can even be standing across the stage or room.So many uses!Which-hand routinesIn combination with other menta..

Murphy's Magic

THE BEND (Pre-made Gimmicks and Online Instruction...


The Bend is the simplest key bend you will ever perform. James Kellogg Jr. has created a new key bend. The Bend is an effect that is completely under your control. This unique method requires no need ..

Dal Negro

Battaglia Navale

Fuera de producción

There is no place for paper and pencil in a modern naval battle: the smartest capitan with luck on his side always ends up winning!..

Murphy's Magic

Color Changing Wand by Mr. Magic


Hold a brightly-colored magic wand (with gold tips) in your hand, and use it during your show. Either point at an object, or wave it in the air -- whatever looks magical to enhance the moment.Suddenly..

Murphy's Magic

Fresh Flower by Mr. Magic


Here's a beautiful, large flower for those times when you'd like to surprise your audience with an astounding production. It's beautiful and in many colors. It springs into action just when you desire..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 391 (33 Páginas)