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Twisty Worm


Here is Twisty Worm, a truly cute and magical little worm that will twist around your fingers, run up your arm, jump out of a glass and perform so many tricks that you can teach him.• A classic little..

Alan Wong

BUBBLE WAND (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by A...


A magic wand that blows bubbles is another must have for all children parties.The new Bubble Wand makes every magical sense. It's a 20cm long small magic wand that contains a bubble blower inside. You..

HEROES HAT by Marcos Cruz


Heroes Hat is an inspiration from Ali Bongo's hat, with a perfect combination of the hat and the superheroes this is an adaptation of Marcos Cruz.You will show some cards and they will select one of t..

FLAKES BOX by Marcos Cruz


Flakes Box is an idea by Marcos Cruz, where you play with cereal boxes. Show a cereal box and transform it into different flavors and cereal presentations, there are five changes that you can make ver..

Di Fatta

Treasure box


A magician borrows a spectator’s object, placing it in the Treasure box. When member’s of the audience are asked to open and retake the object, no one but only the magician is able!  ..



Marcos Cruz presents an innovation of the classic "the bag and the egg" in a presentation of a chocolate egg bag and a Kinder egg. Play with your child audience, you have a tool that you can take adva..

Yes, No, Maybe So by Silly Billy


From Silly Billy comes a great trick for older kids 7-12. If you like wordplay you will love Yes, No, Maybe So. It gets the kids crazy with puns and misreading. Plus it fools the kids and adults...

ECHO DELUXE (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by W...


Echo Deluxe by Wayne Dobson in association with Alan WongAt The Session in UK in January 2020, Wayne Dobson performed live for the third time in the last 10 years his signature piece "Echo" in spite o..

DINO MAGIC SURPRISE (Gimmick and Online Instructio...


DINO MAGIC SURPRISE by Luis Zavaleta & NoxInspired in a classic of magic but with a little twistA very funny and interactive routineVery easy to doExcellent quality (plastic)More than six min..

PIRATE MAGIC (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by...


Pirate Magic! is a new improved version of Mummy Magic. It is a pirate theme this time. A magician will be able to interact, play and do magic with the image of a pirate. Very effective, excellent gam..

SUPER GAG BALLOON PUMP (Gimmicks and Online Instru...


Super Gag is a balloon inflator that normally works in the magician's hand, but when used by a spectator to want to blow up a balloon, the inflator breaks into 3 different parts. First at the base, th..

Andy Amyx Production

SPONGE GOLDFISH by Andy Amyx - set of 4

Fuera de producción

Sponge Goldfish by Andy Amyx (set of 4) These Sponge Goldfish are great as they are very soft. Extremely visual and fun to perform with. Great for any sponge routine that you may already do with spong..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 693 (58 Páginas)