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Boom Deck by Wonder Makers


Boom Deck by Wonder Makers is the most explosive magic trick of 2020, that has taken the internet by storm with over 30 million views in total!The illusionist gives the viewer an invisible weapon. He ..

Bond Lee

Inflamed by Bond Lee


Inflamed is an electronic ashtray, the perfect device to ignite your magic. You can display an innocence ashtray, then magician place a piece of paper in the ashtray, paper will ignite spontaneously a..

Fire Stealer by Wing's Magic


Note: This fire product is intended for magicians over the age of 18. Please be aware that the flash paper necessary for performance is not included in this product due to shipping restrictions. You c..

Di Fatta

Fire Box by Vincenzo di Fatta

Disponible el 20 de julio

The magician shows an elegant box with two holes on its sides; he puts a silk inside the box, running it through the two holes. Suddenly the box bursts into flames, but the silk doesn't burn down... i..

BLAZE 2 (The Auto Candle) by Mickey Mak, Alen L. &...


From the genius minds of Alen, Bond Lee and ZF Magic.Let us introduce you to our brand new automatic candle, BLAZE 2.You can control the candle to ignite and extinguish it at your command - like magic..

Fire Torch


The magician hold a small torch at his hand while entering the stage. All of a sudden that torch lit itself instantly. Then astonishingly the lit torch vanishes at the blink of the eye!Fast opening th..

Fireball Wand (The Healer) Magic Shooting Wizard's...


Features:Innovative ignition system that propels fireballs out of the wandRechargeable with USB cable (included)Made with high-quality material1:1 Wizard's Wand with unique stylesFlash Paper allows up..




All of a sudden bright spark appears in the hands of a magician. Highly visual effect.Good for opening item.Suitable for stage shows.Very easy to operate...


Flamano by Cigmamagic


Fire is no doubt a true attention getter in magic. The mysterious and romantic touch that comes with it makes fire a go-to effect for indoors and outdoors magic practitioners. But an inherent problem ..

Tora Magic

Royal Fire Book by Tora Magic


The magician shows a book and leafs through its pages. A moment later, magically, the book ignites! Finally, the magician closes the book and the flames disappear!A classic effect of great impact.• To..

Tora Magic

Royal Dove and Fire Book by Tora Magic


The magician opens a book and shows the pages to viewers by leafing through them. A moment later, suddenly, the book catches fire!Then, the magician closes the book, the fire disappears and a dove app..

ASH (Gimmicks and Online instructions) by Pen &...


Fire burns, ash remains.Magician display a piece of blank paper, and have audience examine it. Magician ask the spectator to think of a random card, and when magician burn the blank paper, the card wi..

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