Wax Powders and Glue

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Yigal Mesika

Mesika Wax by Yigal Mesika


This box contains 200 pellets of black wax, perfectly suited for use with Yigal Mesika reels and other invisible thread products.This cleverly designed box puts the wax right at your fingertips. Just ..

Bond Lee



What is Fanning Wax?Fanning Wax allows you to fan your cards perfectly.It's the perfect replacement for fanning powder.It's commonly used by top-tier manipulators in Asia.It helps you to achieve diffi..

Insta-Snow Bag - 40 gr


Just Add Water!Insta-Snow is an amazing superabsorbent powder that looks like real snow when you simply add a small amount of water! This special powder expands to 100 times its original volume to mak..

Murphy's Magic

Repositionable Glue Stick (1 Unit)


Looking for glue that will hold cards together securely, but will still allow you to separate them when needed? With so many uses, Repositionable Glue Stick is a magician's modern day magic wand.Inclu..

Murphy's Magic

Roughing Balm V2 by Neo Inception


Here's the perfect way to create rough-smooth decks - the secret of many magicians and mentalists! Roughing Balm Version 2 is our new, improved release - easier and more convenient to use than the ori..

Magicians Wax Pellets (Yellow)


Magicians Wax Pellets (Yellow)



Magicians Wax has been used for decades as the perfect utility for any serious Magician. It is a vital tool used by almost every close up and street magicians. It is really necessary for card and thre..

Super Putty (Refill) for Double Cross and Super Sh...


This super strong black putty is uniquely formulated to be stronger than any other available putty. If you need something to really stick, this is the putty for you. Can be used with Double Cross, Sup..

Neo Inception

Roughing Balm by Neo Inception

Fuera de producción

Looking for some cool roughing tool? Neo Inception from S. Korea has created brand-new material for your magic and mentalism effects. We are proud to introduce Roughing Balm. With little rubbing on..

Magicians Wax by Mr. Magic

The Essel Magic

Magicians Wax by Mr. Magic



High quality wax to be used for many different effects such as IT work, card work, etc...

Wax - ITR


Wax - ITR



Hard wax designed for the ITR but it will come in handy for other applications.  Very hard but becomes pliable if you use small peices.  Attaches with firm pressure & detaches very qui..

Electric Sparkle Additive 1 Oz.. Bottle by Theatre...


Effect This fine product will add a sense of wonder to any fire effect. Sprinkle on Flash Paper, Cotton, String or Cord to add electrically crackling sparks to your effect...

Insta-Snow Bag - 100 grams


The powder for instant snow is a very useful accessory in the magic that allows you to perform a miracle. In fact, if you put a little 'of this powder in a glass where there is water, you will see th..

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