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The Chinese Teapot by TCC Magic


Introducing the brand-new Chinese Magic Teapot - A blend of tradition and new innovative surprises.Throughout history, the teapot or kettle has been used in various magic effects, like pouring water e..

Impossible Charger by Roman Slomka & TCC Magic


CAUTION: Please avoid inserting the Impossible Charger into a real wall socket to prevent product damage and the potential for electric shock. The Impossible Charger is designed solely for performance..

SenseTag by João Miranda and Julio Montoro


From the creative minds of João Miranda and Julio Montoro arrives SenseTag. This effect is a modern take on the classic object to impossible location, where a coin or wedding ring vanishes and reappea..

TORNADO by Peter Eggink


Smoke in a Glass ReinventedPerform the classic "Smoke to Glass" as never before -for the first time ever it's super visual, super easy and super practical to perform. Tornado is the closest thing to r..

BLAZE 2 (The Auto Candle) by Mickey Mak, Alen L. &...


From the genius minds of Alen, Bond Lee and ZF Magic.Let us introduce you to our brand new automatic candle, BLAZE 2.You can control the candle to ignite and extinguish it at your command - like magic..

Fire Torch


The magician hold a small torch at his hand while entering the stage. All of a sudden that torch lit itself instantly. Then astonishingly the lit torch vanishes at the blink of the eye!Fast opening th..

Victor Voitko

OneTouch 2 SnowShot (STAGE edition) with Remote co...


DOUBLE OneTouch SnowShot is a fine gimmick that can be used on various occasions. Flash gun, confetti shooter, fireworks launcher are now in one device - OneTouch SnowShot.Now two shots work simultane..


Incendio by TCC


An experienced magician once said that the three most compelling themes in magic are danger, money, and sex. Among these themes, fire magic holds a special fascination for many magicians.To enhance th..

SOUL (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Wenzi


In ancient Egypt, Anubis would use a scale to judge whether the soul was qualified to ascend to heaven. Some people even said they knew the weight of the soul: 21 grams.Everything has weight. If your ..

FLASHPOT LIGHTER by Creativity Lab


If you're seeking for something both quick and practical, our lighter will become your secret weapon!Introducing a Flashpot cleverly disguised as a lighter.Load it up with flash cotton and unleash a b..

EFESTO (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Creat...


The essential accessory for professional magicians and enthusiasts of special effects!This mini flash pot has been specifically designed for those who want to create a burst of fire whenever and where..

Fireball Wand (The Student) Magic Shooting Wizard'...


Features:Innovative ignition system that propels fireballs out of the wandRechargeable with USB cable (included)Made with high-quality material1:1 Wizard's Wand with unique stylesFlash Paper allows up..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 192 (16 Páginas)