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Metamorphosis Refill


We are sure you will love the Metamorphosis Pro version the same way your spectators do.With this refill of Metamorphosis butterfly die-cuts you get a special collection of different victorian-style s..


Metamorphosis Pro Version


Caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies right in the spectator's hands!A beautiful and stunning close-up effect!You present your great-grandfather's vintage collectible cards - the remains o..


Corner of Picadilly


by Paul GordonAn entertaining Three-Card Monte effect with a great kicker ending. Perfect for every closeup magician.Starts & Ends 'Clean'Visual Fun & MagicalAverage Skill RequiredNo Gaffed Ca..

Cell Pop by Ruben Goni


A collaboration between two renowned gimmick manufacturers: Andrew from Brazil and Rubén Goñi from Argentina!You will be able to start from one phone box, produce four and take out a real phone at the..

Gustavo Raley

Transparent by Smagic Productions


More than words just take a look at the video to fall in love with this fantastic effect!More than just a gimmick, it's also a beautiful object. You can put it on your desk or somewhere where everyone..

Gustavo Raley

PLAYING COINS (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) b...


Are you ready to draw your imagination?A brand new idea from the mind of Gustavo Raley and sold out at Blackpool Magic Convention 2023.Chocolate coins will appear in different ways.Playing Coins is an..

Devil's Cups by Gabriel Werlen, Marchand de Trucs ...


A diabolical method for finding a hidden object.You put four metal cups in a row in front of your spectator.You give him a die.While you look away, he freely hides the die under one cup without giving..

Wayne Dobson

The Thread of Life LITE (Gimmicks and Online Instr...


The Thread of Life LITE by Wayne Dobson in association with Alan Wong Since the dawn of time the unanswered question for mankind has always been "Why are we here?". Wayne explains Alistair Witchell's ..

Secret Factory

PSI BELL (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Sec...

Disponible el 15 de junio

Spirit Bell is a centuries-old effect which was performed by many legendary masters Now Secret Factory brings you the most organic and the most clean version: Just 2 wooden sticks, 1 beautiful solid b..

Joel Dickinson

Picture Consequences (Gimmicks and Online Instruct...


Picture Consequences is fun, colorful and engaging.Finally, a routine that is perfect for all age groups and guarantees to leave everybody baffled.Under the guise of a game, your participant (or parti..


Mind reading slate by UDAY


A must possess item for mind-readers. A slate is shown to be blank on both sides and kept in an empty envelope. A card is chosen by the spectator from a full deck. When the slate is removed from the e..

Hanson Chien Prodution Company - HCPC

LUMOS by Nemo & Hanson Chien


A TWINKLE FLASH IN BETWEEN YOUR TEETH!A FLASH DEVICE THAT CAN BE PUT IN YOUR MOUTH.Hanson Chien Production Company proudly presents. Nemo is here again to shed some light on us with LUMOS. An instant ..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 574 (48 Páginas)