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Di Fatta

Egg Prediction


Show an egg, four stands, a hammer and four coffee cups. Ask a spectator to place the egg on any of the stands and turm over the cups to cover all the egg stands, and mix them all up, so that you will..

Menny Lindenfeld

TEMPUS (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Menny ...


"Menny's thinking is of a rare breed, both clinical and artistic."- DMC"An ingenious method & gimmick that will make your audience feel that you have real powers to stop time! This goes straight i..

Buttonhole Puzzle - Wood


Buttonhole Puzzle - Wood



This is a famous puzzle from the 1920’s. Once the stick and string are placed in a button hole, its seems impossible to get off! Can be quite mystifying and fun. First used by an insurance salesman..

Taiwan Ben Magic Shop

CAP STACK by Taiwan Ben


What if you could DEFY the laws of physics, the laws of nature? You walk up to a bunch of spectators and BORROW their plastic drink bottles. Unscrewing the bottle caps, you explain that you will balan..

Murphy's Magic

The Great Square Ball Mystery (Ultra Soft) by Gosh...


A sponge rubber cube is shown and placed on top of the left fist, which has been shown empty. The right index finger pokes the cube out of sight into the left fist. The two hands are separated instant..

Alan Wong



You are at a bar while keeping safe social distancing you bring up an interesting topic on color psychology. You show four different color chips and let your spectator remove three chips until only on..

David Penn

Pi Revelations (Pocket Size) by David Penn


This is the eagerly awaited Pi Revelations - Pocket Sized.This is the A6 version of David Penn's best selling product Pi Revelations.The perfect sized for close up performers, easily fitting into your..

To the Point by Mark Lemon


To the Point is the famous tossed out deck in book form - but unlike the tossed out deck, it can also be done close-up, one-on-one.To the Point is:Easy to learnIt's fastIt's simple to performIt feels ..

Tenyo Magic

Magical Burger by Tenyo Magic - special release


This amusing trick uses round cards that show the ingredients needed to make a mouthwatering hamburger.You will learn three baffling card magic effects, with a hamburger theme, including the divinatio..

Tenyo Magic

Magical Sushi by Tenyo Magic - special release


Everyone loves sushi, so everyone will be entertained by this magical delight. You will learn three easy-to-do routines that are genuine foolers.Created by Toru Suzuki / Satoru FurukawaEnglish instruc..

Bond Lee

TIME (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Bond Le...


A beautiful piece of magic, elegant and classy. The magician displays a beautiful pocket watch, and asks a spectator to hold on to it. The spectator picks a card and the card is magically vanished. Wh..

The Poliza by Adrian Vega


"I just want to say Bravo! Adrian has taken this classic plot as far as it can go - with a beautiful concept and handling for a new, surprising finish people will love!"- MICHAEL AMMAR.There are a lot..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 561 (47 Páginas)