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Published to coincide with his 62nd birthday with his 40 year research recorded for future escapologists. This is a "limited edition" book written by David De-Val in which he discusses his methods for..



From David De-Val, Houdini's very own Secret Device is now available! This piece of apparatus enables you to make a very quick escape from any regulation real police handcuffs. This nearly made gimmic..

GIMMICK X by David De Val


David De-Val's Gimmick X... produced as a limited edition for the year 2000!What is it? It's a secret, precision tool. It will open most handcuffs, leg irons, even thumb cuffs and new awkward to open ..

The Great Escape


A spectator securely fastens the magician's wrists using a metal chain and a padlock. The magician however holds a fantastic secret which enables him to break free in no less than a fraction of a seco..

Bag Escape by Leaping Lizards

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The effect is direct. The performer invites an audience member to examine a cloth bag made from a single piece of cloth, with seams sewn completely on each side. The performer asks to borrow a jacket,..


Hardeen - Monarch of Manacles by William V. Rausch...


This book is a tribute to one of the world's greatest escape artists. He traveled the world defying police authorities to shackle his body in handcuffs and leg irons, or to lock him in the darkest jai..


Houdini's Handcuffs

Disponible le 10 de febrero

The magician frees himself from locked handcuffs! These handcuffs popularized by the great Houdini are without doubt the simplest and fastest way to free your wrists.   • Well-crafted chrome. ..

Ed Meredith

Escapes by Percy Abbott - Book

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Escapes by Percy Abbott is a very hard-to-find book. Not only are the escapes practical and fooling, but they scan the wide range of escape entertainment. Chain escapes, Wrist & Padlock Escapes, S..

Amazo magic

Loporcaro Handcuffs by Amazo Magic


A fabulous Handcuff Escape, and these look great! Ask a spectator to lock your wrists in these handcuffs. They are made of stainless steel and, to the spectator's eyes, escape is surely impossib..

Locked In Thought (Gimmick and Online Instructions...


A simple padlock is removed from your key chain; it is the kind that is so often used for gym lockers or traveling. It can be fully inspected and even a master locksmith would not find any 'foul play'..


Houdini Chains


The magician asks a spectator to inspect a chain and then locks up his wrists to prove that it is impossible to get free. Next the spectator locks up the magicians wrists with the chain and with a pad..

Tenyo Magic

Security Lock by Tenyo

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A spectator inserts a credit card into a case by himself. The instant the magician makes a magic wave over the case, the spectator is now unable to remove the card! When the magician takes back the ca..

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