Invisible Threads

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John Kennedy Magic

T.I.T.S. by John Kennedy (Terrific Invisible Threa...


Got T.I.T.S.? We're talking about John Kennedy's Terrific Invisible Thread System! What makes it so terrific?... T.I.T.S. IS EXCITING! It's not a reel. It's not a loop. It is a completely new system f..

Vectra Virtuoso (Expert Grade Invisible Thread) - ...


Vectra Virtuoso is the most invisible of the Vectra threads. It is also the most delicate but still surprisingly strong. It's able to hold a credit card or driver's license with ease. This thread can ..

Vectra X2 Stage Line - Steve Fearson


Incredibly strong yet remarkably hard to detect, Vectra X2 Stage Line is some of the most useful thread you'll ever own. Don't be fooled by the name. Even if you've never set foot on a stage, you're b..

Vectra Maxx - Steve Fearson


If Vectra threads were Superhero's, MAXX would be The Hulk. It's a jet-black monofilament with a strength to thickness ratio that's blowing minds around here. It seems like just yesterday we were amaz..

Vectra Ovation by Steve Fearson


Vectra Ovation (Medium Duty Stage Thread) - Steve FearsonLooking for a replacement thread for your Dancing Cane? Some of our customers use Vectra X2 but many canes are too heavy and the last thing you..

Joao Miranda



João Miranda pre-spooled invisible thread spools.2 pieces, ready to use with 9 ft of João Miranda invisible thread.The spools fit Leviosa and Gravity...

Vectra Strong Invisible Thread & Online Instru...


Steve Fearson's Vectra Line is the strongest invisible thread ever offered to the magic community.A single strand can hold nearly a quarter pound! That's a full deck of playing cards!Now, for the firs..


BOSS REEL (KEVLAR) With online Instructions by Uda...


Uday Jadugar's BOSS REEL is one of the most powerful weapons any magician will own. The Boss Reel enables you to perform amazing magic using little to no skill. Float objects, move items, make cards r..

Flick! Wallet Elastic only by Tejinaya & Lumos


It is a dedicated elastic thread for Flick! Wallet.It is 20m.NOTE: No manual included...

Invisible Elastic Thread Black


Invisible Elastic Thread Black



Invisible elastic thread! Float a bill with a bounce! Objects move at your will! Perfect in PK effects, moving objects with your mind! Stretches to 6 times its length, and strong enough for moving you..

Alan Wong

Super Elastic Invisible Thread by Alan Wong


Strong and very thin super elastic invisible thread on a spool. They are already split in single thread approximately each reel has 30m or 100 ft. Can be used reliably for floating and animation or ma..


Invisible Thread - BLACK 1000M


This type of thread is much more resistant than the traditional invisible thread used in close up, but has a stage use (or in any case it should be used at a certain distance from the audience). It le..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 57 (5 Páginas)