Magia con Bolas

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Di Fatta

Small to Big


The magician shows a sponge ball and in an instant make it become much bigger!• The sponge is super soft.• The small sponge ball has a diameter of about cm 4 (1,57") . When it becomes big the diameter..

Tommy Wonder Cups & Balls Set (Stainless Steel...


Tommy Wonder is a legendary close-up magician whose influence on close-up and stage magic spans over 40 years. He is noted for many celebrated close-up effects, most of which have been published in hi..

Di Fatta

Soft sponge balls - Set of 4 balls 6.0 cm - Red


The magician shows three sponge balls. One at a time will appear magically in the spectator's hand! A classic of magic from close-up. • Provides 4 soft balls with a diameter of 5 cm. • The rout..




Untrammelled was on Kickstarter in March 2022 and fully funded in under 10 Minutes. The campaign ended with 1658% funded and received numerous positive reviews! Thanks for all the love & support.U..


Final Wooden Cups Standard by TCC

Fuera de producción

Wood has an innate attractiveness and is naturally visually appealing to the eye. It has a unique warmth and character that we love compared to the coldness of metal. When it is used in Cups and Balls..

Cups & Balls (Plastic, Plated Silver) - Large


Cups & Balls (Plastic, Plated Silver) - Large



This set of plastic plated silver cups & balls, an optimum design.Set includes 3 cups and 4 balls.Large: Each cup stands 8 cm...




Three balls resembling the colors of traffic signal lights are placed in a cylinder one by one. When the cylinder is removed, the balls are seen jumped from one position to another! A very fun trick ..

Di Fatta

Cups and Balls - Wood


Three balls inexplicably pass through the bottom of the cups, then disappear and reappear under the cups, finally transforming themselves. As you already know, there are many variations and achievable..


Leather Ball (Red, 0.87 inch)


Handmade, unique leather ball.Red leather with white with a 0.87 inch (2.2cm) baseball...


Three Shell Game by Vernet


The Vernet Shells are perfectly balanced, made of unbreakable plastic and the inner surface is curved to allow easier manipulation of the special pea. Very realistic in appearance, these are simply th..

Spring Ball


Spring Ball



A compressible ball which can be used for vanish or production.Diameter:  9cm..


Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls in Display Box by ...


The base material of the Craftsman cup and ball is brass and then placed through four different sculpting processes.Each cup is repolished and inspected after each process to ensure the integrity and ..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 302 (26 Páginas)