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Growing Sponge Ball

Growing Sponge Ball



The magician suddenly changes a small sponge ball into a very large ball that can be handed out for examination. A great climax for any sponge ball routine• Together with the regular 80mm sponge ..


PRO Sponge Ball (Red) 4 cm - Bag of 4 from Magic b...


4 cm PRO sponge ball (red) pack of 4 from Magic by Gosh...


2 inch PRO Sponge Ball (Red) Box of 4 from Magic b...


2" PRO sponge ball (Red), box of 4...


2 inch PRO Sponge Ball (Red) Bag of 50 from Magic ...


2" PRO sponge ball (red), bag of 50.Hand dyed, shade colors may vary...


PRO Sponge Ball (Red) 5 cm - Bag of 4 from Magic b...


5 cm PRO sponge ball (red) pack of 4 from Magic by Gosh...


Sponge Balls with Jumbo Climax


Two sponge balls are shown. The magician puts one in his pocket and the other in a spectator's hand. With a magical gesture, the ball in the magician's pocket disappears, and ends up in the surprised ..

Hanson Chien Prodution Company - HCPC

Hanson Chien Presents SBD (Sponge Ball Dropper) by...


Welcome to the second project of Black Holder Series from Ochiu Studio! SBD is the world's first sponge ball holder.SBD can hold up to twenty 1-inch sponge balls, or one 4-inch sponge ball, the droppe..


Ultra Soft Red Bunny by Magic By Gosh


This package includes an Ultra Soft little Red RabbitThis is the perfect addition to your comedy or children's magic routine. Get yours today!..

Alan Wong

Sponge Ice Cream Cone (2 Cones) by Alan Wong


Sponge Ice Cream Cones are back!Produce a soft ice cream cone from your bare hand, underneath a handkerchief or from someone's pocket!Then multiply one ice cream cone into two, then again and again!Co..

Alan Wong



A truly four star effect! Sponge stars set comes with four 2 inch sponge stars plus 16 mini stars for an explosive finish.3 basic sponge stars routines included with video instructions...



This is new an improved versions has thicker card stock and is printed with darker and richer inks. No more transparent cards due to light source issues. You show two packets of larger size cards (5...

Di Fatta

Sponge balls - Balls of 40 mm


If you have always loved sponge balls we are sure you will find this set of a good quality and will appreciate the softness of them. The effect is a classic in magic: three sponge balls transfer one a..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 73 (7 Páginas)