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AnyWeb 2 by Magic Pro Ideas


THE GIMMICKED GOOGLE ON THEIR PHONESAnyweb 2 is the first gimmicked Google that you can access easily on any spectator's phone.Will allow you to force ANY image on ANY Google search using ANY borrowed..

Tenyo Magic



Take a snapshot of the future! See through solid objects!Higar is a professional magician and magic creator famous for releasing tricks that incorporate cutting-edge principles. FUTURE PHOTO is a perf..

SIGABA by Calix and Vincent


SIGABA is a powerful tool to enhanced your revelations. The app allows you to convert a word into an app. You can show a series of single digit that will reveal the thought word, name, company name, s..

Magic Firm

The Charlatan System by The Magic Firm


Imagine you're sitting at a card table. A fresh deck of cards has the shiny, crisp cellophane carefully removed under every player's watchful eye. Perfectly crafted at the factory, it has never been t..

Murphy's Magic

Black Art Filter by Lemo Magic


The Black Art Filter is a magic accessory to be placed on the lens of the cameras in different devices.It will help you regulate the different types of lights, making it easier for you to hide the dif..

Hugo Shelley - 3

iCube 3.0 by Hugo Shelley


A classic effect with a revolutionary twist, iCube 3 (and its companion mobile app) opens up a world of possibilities for stage, close-up and street mentalism. This tiny, colourful die contains hidden..

CONTACTUM by Magic Pro Ideas


CONTACTUM - TAKE CONTROL OF THE SPECTATOR'S PHONEContactum is not a simple trick, it's an amazing magic app with which you will have total control of the contact list on any iPhone or Android in secon..

Murphy's Magic

LoKey (In App Instructions) by Teguh


LoKey takes the famous Master Prediction Box from the stage into a close-up scenario.Imagine asking your spectators a freely chosen time, date and image to reveal its been your lockscreen the entire t..

Vincent Hedan

SOCIAL ASSISTANT by Calix and Vincent


Social Assistant - Mentalism in your pocketSocial Assistant the app for mentalists who has nothing to hide.Use YOUR SPECTATOR's cell phone in CUSTOMIZABLE mentalism effects.The phone screen is never h..

Murphy's Magic

LIKE (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Gustavo...


"LIKE" by Gustavo Raley, IDEAL FOR VIRTUAL SHOWS.Gustavo Raley returns with a new routine interacting with emoticons.The magician shows a screen of a chat but analog since it is a blackboard.Then draw..

iDrop (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Tim Ell...


p> iDrop is both an incredibly funny gag item AND a stage performer's dream. You place a borrowed phone into a see-through mesh bag and zip it up to protect it. While being held by a spectator, th..


CYBER Digital Magic Kit


CYBER is not an effect - it is a digital magic kit with incredible technology enabling you to perform insane magic with nothing but your iPhone and your spectator’s mind.Imagine walking up to a total ..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 64 (6 Páginas)