Doves and Rabbits

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Tora Magic

Royal Dove and Fire Book by Tora Magic


The magician opens a book and shows the pages to viewers by leafing through them. A moment later, suddenly, the book catches fire!Then, the magician closes the book, the fire disappears and a dove app..

JL Magic



JL Magic's Finger Dove is an artificial bird's head that you can substitute for a real dove. Made with high quality materials and quite realistic, this dove can be used in a stage act or as a comedy p..

J.H. Professional Dove Loop Holder by Jaehoon Lim

Jaehoon Lim

J.H. Professional Dove Loop Holder by Jaehoon Lim



J.H. Professional Dove Loop Holder is a new innovated system for dove workers. There are a lot of dove loop holder systems in the market, but this is by far the most reliable, comfortable and practica..

Mr. Magic

Spring Production Birdcage by Mr. Magic


The magician enters the stage and shows a foulard to be empty on both sides. They drape it over their left hand and immediately produce a medium-sized birdcage from the foulard, which can then be show..


iPad Appearing Dove by 7 MAGIC


The magician shows an iPad to the audience, which is on and has its Home screen, you can show it from front and back. Now magicians just pass a handover and beautiful dove picture will appear on iPad...

Mr. Magic

Classic Dove Pan SS by Mr. Magic


Audiences love when you magically produce items, especially live ones! This is beautifully made for the production of a dove, bunny, silks, streamers or spring flowers. Show that nothing is in the pan..

J.H. One-Hand Dove Bag - Left Hand (Yellow) by Jae...

Jaehoon Lim

J.H. One-Hand Dove Bag - Left Hand (Yellow) by Jae...



This dove bag has been through a lot of trial and error, and it has finally been completed.If you do magic with will want this Dove Bag!To be able to have your dove go in and out easily an..

Dove to Silk Sensation by Uday


Dove to Silk Sensation by Uday



Magician shows a cloth banner and into the fold of it, he places a dove. Holding the two ends of the banner, he pulls them apart quickly and into the air flies a while silk! The dove has vanished!..

Extreme Change Bag by Jim Pace

White Rabbit Magic Co. (V)

Extreme Change Bag by Jim Pace



Effect East meets a showdown for the ages..the change bag is engulfed in flames! ECB (or "extreme change bag") is a revolution in transformation effects, as you place anything into an ..

The Essel Magic

Night Club Dove Vanish by Mr. Magic


Place a live dove inside a beautifully decorated box. Moments afterwards, pull the box apart to show that the dove is nowhere to be found...

Ickle Pickle Products, Inc.

Drop Down Mirror Box (Small/Black) by Ickle Pickle

Fuera de producción

Want to amaze your audience by producing something in an incredibly magical way? The most beautiful box we've ever offered! This is a SMALL, black lacquered, production box with two doors in the fr..


Dove Frame - Deluxe

Fuera de producción

The magician shows a picture frame in which there is a photo of a Dove sitting on a branch of tree. Suddenly the picture of the dove transforms into a real dove that flies away leaving just the pictur..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 61 (6 Páginas)