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Taiwan Ben Magic Shop

Smart Cubes PLUS (Medium / Parlor) by Taiwan Ben


Smart Cube Plus is a NEW & IMPROVED version of smart cubes. This new version has a SLICKER DESIGN, and has been thoughtfully tweaked to be MORE PORTABLE while STILL MAINTAINING THE IMPACT of its prede..


Tube of Wonders - Big


With this magic tube, fixed on a base, the magician can do wonders... under the astonished eyes of the audience!Here are some examples:- He shows the tube and one at a time pushes 3 silks in it, then ..

Crystal Silk & Ball Cylinder

Disponible a partir del 15 de noviembre

The magician draws attention to an opaque tube and a transparent tube standing on the table. The magician then introduces three different colored silks (Red, Yellow and Green). He pushes the silks one..

JL Magic



CANDY TUBE by JL Magic is sure to delight and surprise audiences of any age. Perfect for parlor or stage acts.The magician takes a clear tube and shows it to his audience. It is empty. The magician co..

Di Fatta

Candy Factory


By popular demand, the Prediction Box (now "sold out"), has been recreated by us in a smaller size and with a price accessible to all.The performer shows an empty cylinder and a glass full of coloured..

Di Fatta

Liquid Suspension Tube


The performer shows an empty tube, a glass full of colored liquid and a clear glass. The liquid is poured into the tube and magically stays suspended inside the tube!A silk is then passed through the ..

Tora Magic

Tora Feather Stick by Tora Magic


Produced and designed by Tora Magic CompanyHere's a real stunner, and an audience pleaser!The magician passes a red feather stick through an empty tube. Upon removing the stick, it changes to yellow. ..

Murphy's Magic

China Mystery Square Circle by Mr. Magic


A great and magical production device! Remove a tube from an empty box (which is transparent on the front side) and show that the tube is empty as well. Place the tube back inside the box, and produce..


Tricky Turvy Plumes


The Performer introduces two plumes and two tubes. He asks a spectator to take one tube and a plume. And the Performer takes the other plume and the tube. Now he says, “Do as I do”.He pushes the plume..


Tricky Turvy Bottle - New version


A bottle, a cylinder and two peg glasses are seen on the table. The Magician lifts the cylinder and shows it empty. Then he covers the bottle with the cylinder. He lifts the cylinder along with the bo..


Tricky Turvy Bottle


Each bottle is inserted into a tube. One is held by the magician and another by the spectator. Both do the exact same movements, but when the bottles are taken out, the magician’s bottle is upright, w..

Smoke Tube


Smoke Tube



Smoke and bubble, the perfect combination.Now you don't need to smoke a cigarette, or even another device to place smoke inside a bubble. Smoke Bubble does it all. It allows you to generate and blow s..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 53 (5 Páginas)