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Oreality by Michael Murray - Book


Oreality is a limited soft release booklet containing a brand new playing card divination system that will work in ANY language.Whilst this book undoubtedly received very high praise from the communit..

LIT by Scott Alexander - Book


LIT is a funny and insightful book and video combination that is a romp through the history of one of magic's most dynamic and engaging props. Scott Alexander takes you thought the backstory of how th..

Azlan Redux by Fraser Parker - Book


"F**k me!!! This is ridiculous! Mate it's so, so, so fooling! Even after knowing the original method and watching it play out countless times"- Nathan Chandler "Just watched the demo you sent for the ..

Mind The Maths Magic by Vinny Sagoo - Book


Over the years, I have collected millions of maths tricks, and this book features some of my favorite principles.This book contains tricks with:CardsCoinsDiceDominoes CalculatorsPaperclipsof course, M..

The Comedy Helpline by MagicSeen Publishing - Book


With contributions from Michael Finney, Nathan Kranzo, John Archer, Scott & Muriel, Andy Reay, Alan Hudson, Teller, Jasper Blakeley, Randolf Tempest, Gary Jones, Graham Jolley, David Williamson, Graha..

Genii Magazine

Genii Magazine May 2022 - Book


GENIITHE CONJURORS' MAGAZINEVOLUME 85NUMBER 5May 2022FEATURESRandy Pitchford: Saving The Magic CastleThe Creation of a Magic Castle by Dustin StinettPromises Kept: An Interview with Randy Pitchford by..

The Connection by Luca Volpe - Book


THE CONNECTION is a limited release book that includes "The Connection Act" as performed by Luca Volpe on stages all around the world. In the books there are also explained other Q&A routines alon..

Seeing Thread by Bran Crow - Book


Historically, fortune tellers are perceived as turban wearing crystal ball readers.Contemporary Western images of fortune telling grow out of folkloristic reception of Renaissance magic, specifically ..

Bottoms Up by Perna - Book


Propless mentalism is at its high peak right now and Perna came to seal the deal with this one.In Bottoms Up you'll learn how to perfectly guess a thought-of drink the spectator was about to order.Mag..

Seventh Heaven by Lewis Jones - Book


Hardbound, 414 pages, second edition.A compilation of seven of Lewis' softback booklets:Imp Romp 2The Spring of 52LusionsChampagneCon SessionsCounter FeatsCardiogramThe material has been updated and e..

Scott Alexander

THE FINGER by Scott Alexander - Book


The great Okito referred to the Fake or Sixth Finger as one of the most underused and highly effective tools in the magicians arsenal. Even the genius illusionist Buatier De Kolta created the most dev..


Legacy Collection: 10 Book Set by Ellusionist


In this special collectors edition box set, you'll discover over 30 effects on essential plots in the art of mentalism.Legacy is a refined collection of Peter Turner's best material. Commemorating 10 ..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 2031 (170 Páginas)