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Behind The Pine: A Magician's Guide to Bar Magic b...


"Wow. I was intrigued by the table of context and blown away when I read it. Well written, informative, funny in places, it's the best resource I've ever seen on the subject."- Doc Eason"A great read ..

Prestidigitator by Brian Caswell


Prestidigitator is my legacy, a 350-page beautiful quality hardback book bound in buckram book cloth. It contains new ideas that occurred to me only recently, many of the other effects I've come up wi..

In Cloud Cuckoo Land by Lord Harri


Introducing "In Cloud Cuckoo Land" - A Magical Journey Awaits! I'm thrilled to share my latest creation, "In Cloud Cuckoo Land," a book that dives deep into the art of magic with 40 unique tricks desi..

Genii Magazine

Genii Magazine June 2024 - Book


GENII THE CONJURORS' MAGAZINEVOLUME 87NUMBER 6June 2024FEATURESLuis Olmedo: A Coin in the Fountain by Roberto Mansilla Ingenious "Party" Excerpted from Sketch MagazineCOLUMNSGenii Speaks by Richard Ka..

The Approach by Jamie D. Grant


Ever wanted to make money (or make more money) performing magic? Discover the secrets to becoming a working magician with The Approach by Jamie D. Grant. The Approach has long been recommended as one..


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Openers contains over 40 opening effects from some of magic's best names and should not be missed. Foreword by Gary Jones.In this book you will find some of the very best magicians in the world sharin..

Ben Harris

The Proposition by Ben Harris with JB Haze


The Proposition by Ben Harris and JB Haze is your roadmap into one of the fastest growing trade show circuits today - The Cannabis industry!From "mind-altering" effects and routines, to a broader look..

Conundrum Issue 2


Conundrum - Issue 2A curiosity-filled magazine for the discerning magicianNo ads100 pagesJust MagicConundrum is a Montreal-based independent magazine for magicians by the husband-and-wife team of Marc..

Genii Magazine

Genii Magazine April 2024 - Book


GENII THE CONJURORS' MAGAZINEVOLUME 87NUMBER 4April 2024FEATURESRachel Wax: In the Captain's Seat by Krystyn Lambert Kanpai Magic by Hal SchulmanCOLUMNSGenii Speaks by Richard KaufmanGenii Speaks by B..

Meaningful Conjuring (Softcover) by Ed Solomon


Ed Solomon, who was also known as DeNomolos, was a master storyteller who used magic to emphasize the point or moral of his stories. He wanted his magic to appeal to the intellect and touch the soul o..

Creative Thinking: The Osterlind Approach by Rich...


Contact Mind Reading: The Osterlind Approach and Cold Reading: The Osterlind Approach (volumes one and two in the Advanced Mentalism Training series) have become best sellers, lauded by professional m..

The Entertainer's Guide to Being Flipping Brillian...


Introducing The Entertainer's Guide to Being Flipping Brilliant by Dave AllenA motivational self help guide on being a flipping brilliant entertainer written by someone with over 30 years of professio..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 1980 (165 Páginas)