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Dani DaOrtiz

FIVE (LIMITED) by Dani DaOrtiz - Book

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Five is Dani DaOrtiz limited edition new book. Only 600 copies where made and was created specially for FISM 2022. Dani has selected four and tricks and a theory essay about his concept "the pillars"...

Forks Full of Appetizers (Softcover) - Book


98 ROUTINES BY 73 4F MAGICIANSFechter's Finger Flicking Frolic, that is often referred to as at the 4F Convention, and was later renamed Obie's 4F, was the first and Original Close-Up Magic Convention..

Fraser Parker

Lost Souls by Fraser Parker - Book


Lost Souls will be Fraser's last physical book release for quite some time, as he plans on transitioning to an entirely digital way of sharing his material with his students, via a subscription servic..

Las Vegas Gambling Guide by Matthew Pomeroy - Boo...


What happens in Vegas stays IN YOUR POCKET......Take these two beautifully printed books with you and have access to over fifteen... (yes, fifteen!) different effects for close up and stage!The Las Ve..

Genii Magazine August 2022 - Book


GENII THE CONJURORS' MAGAZINE VOLUME 85 NUMBER 8August 2022 FEATURES Ionia: Secrets of the Princess Unlocked by Charles Greene IIIHouse of Cards by Jeff LeftonCOLUMNS Genii Speaks by Dustin StinettThe..

Mark Strivings

The Quick and the Dead by Mark Strivings - Book


"Holy sh*t! I'm completely blown away. I thought this was going to be a small little manuscript. There is so much information here!"While this is not meant to be a complete encyclopedia of "living and..

Quirky Forces by Chris Wardle - Book


QUIRKY FORCES - A NEW HARDBACK MAGIC BOOK!FIFTY sneaky, ingenious, offbeat forcing methods from award-winning originator Chris Wardle Over 200 pages, with over 40 graphics (photographs/images/tables)W..

Mind Blowing Magic Tricks for Everyone by Oscar Ow...


Learn to perform 50 unbelievable magic tricks that will impress and astonish any audience! Features QR codes with links to trick videos for easy learning and visual aid! This delightful book reveals s..

The Symbook Book Test (Gimmicks and Online Instruc...


With Pepe Monfort's SYMBOOK you will learn a powerful method that will allow you to perform an extraordinary telepathic experience with one or several spectators under extraordinary conditions:1. The ..

The Other Side by Angelo Stagnaro - Book

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The Other Side by Angelo Stagnaro is a textbook for séance mentalists containing nearly 100 effects. It contains chapters on clairvoyance and mediumistic effects, ventriloquism, hypnotism, stealth, bl..

Lorem Ipsum by N. Colwell - Book


Theatrical Magic is a wonderfully deep and broad medium. There's room for high-minded theorizing; lofty artistic goals; intricate, leviathan altars to opulent design; ascetic, self-flagellating routin..

Gagnon's Inner Sanctum by Tom Gagnon - Book


"You can't go wrong with this marvelous work. Tom beautifully describes and illustrates three of my favorite hops and shifts." - Jack CarpenterGagnon's Inner Sanctum is 256 pages with over 625 superb ..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 2075 (173 Páginas)