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RUDOLF PADDLE - by Reynaldo Gavidia


Rudolf Paddle gives a special touch to the "Paddle Move" thanks to its visual impact, since the viewer literally sees how a ball comes out of an image and then magically returns to it. You will receiv..

Murphy's Magic

Naughty or Nice Divining Rod - by Santa Magic


Display a rod with the words naughty and nice on both sides of the rod. Place the rod in your hand and have the child touch the back of your hand. Magically the rod lets you know that they are on the ..

Di Fatta

Cups and balls - red cups


Three pompom balls magically pass through three cups and then magically turn into four balls!• Good quality item with a very competitive price...

Arrow to the Right - Black


Arrow to the Right - Black



No matter how you rotate and adjust an arrow, it always points to the right, while the arrow you see in the mirror always points to the left.A confusing and interesting trick!Comes with an arrow, a mi..


Pen Vanisher


The performer borrows a pen to write something. In an instant the pen has vanished.The rubber cap is elastic and scalable that will fit pens of different sizes.The reel is made of metal and plastic.Di..

JL Magic

Magic Coloring Book (Frozen II) by JL Magic


For years, the classic Magic Coloring Book effect has delighted kids and adults alike.A staple of many magicians and clowns, now the traditional coloring book effect has been upgraded to include image..


Mini Cups & Balls by TCC


BackgroundThe Cups and Balls is one of the most timeless of all magic effects. For over two thousand years, it has been one of the effects used by magicians and street performers to mesmerize audience..


Zig Zag Stick


The performer displays a plastic case, and a small stick. The stick is placed in the case, visible at all times. The center of the case is now pushed out, as in the famous Zig Zag Lady illusion, and t..


Jumping Peg Paddle


The magician shows both sides of a small paddle which has three narrow holes. Now he pushes a toothpick through the middle hole. Then he makes a magical gesture and the toothpick will go into the lowe..

Mr. Magic

The Mummy by Mr. Magic


The magician displays 3 mummies (black, white and grey) of equal size and shapes, and a plastic coffin. He asks a spectator to place a mummy of his choice secretly inside the coffin, to put the coffin..

Flying Coins


Two cups allow any chosen coins to be teleported through space from one cup to the other, using only power of the mind. A relly high flying trick which is truly breathtaking..

Artificial Intelligence


Create an illusion with the Artificial Intelligence trick. Find a card and let your spectator choose. Fun for the whole family and is designed for kids. Suitable for imaginative kids.Create an illusio..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 291 (25 Páginas)