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Truett 38 Special Playing Cards by Kings Wild Proj...


The Truett 38 Special luxury playing card deck is inspired by the vintage ammo boxes that were included with the pistol handed down to Jackson from his grandfather George Truett. Jackson's Grandfather..

The Fellowship of the Ring Playing Cards by Kings ...


Kings Wild Project is excited to announce the release of the officially licensed 'The Lord of the Rings' Playing Cards. Licensed through Middle-earth Enterprises, we will be producing a series of bea..


Black Panther Playing Cards by theory11

Disponible le 10 de febrero

Premium playing cards inspired by Marvel Studios' Black Panther series.Marvel Studios took us on an unforgettable adventure to the Kingdom of Wakanda with 2018's Black Panther, and once more with Blac..

Romeo & Juliet (Standard Edition) Playing Card...


A luxurious deck of playing cards made with high-quality materials featuring a classic intricate design that is both elegant and timeless. The classic Shakespearean Romeo & Juliet comes to life in a n..




4D Ball Box Pro features a revolutionary triggering method that allows the performer to decide when the balls appear, a box that can be examined by the spectator, and an instant and simple reset. The ..

Fontaine: Carrots V2 Playing Cards


Fontaine Carrots V2 Edition by Anwar Carrots are the 13th deck of Fontaine Cards by Zach Mueller, made in collaboration with Carrots by Anwar Carrots. Fontaine: Carrots V2 playing cards are Black and ..

Sterling Standard Edition Playing Cards by Kings W...


Sterling is the latest addition to the Legal Tender playing cards series by Kings Wild Project. This Sterling Standard Edition Playing Cards is inspired by the beautiful artwork of British currency.Fe..




Color Vision, the name does not seem like anything special, but this magic effect has surely been seen by countless audiences.Inside a small box is a cube with six different colored sides or dots. The..

Inference (10 Second Name Amnesia) by Ravi Mayar a...


Ravi Mayar has been secretly working on a body of work in the field of pseudo Hypnosis for the past couple of years. He recently shared an effect from this work with Fraser and instantly blew him away..

Marines Playing Cards by Kings Wild Project


The limited edition of the U.S. Marines deck is printed in the United States with the United States Playing Card Co. The deck is sealed and numbered 1/800.Marines Playing Cards created by Kings Wild P..

Signature Playing Cards - Second Edition by Jordan...


One year and half after the beginning of our Signature Collection - we're back!The first edition of our Signature Deck has been sold all around the world and is now in the hands of thousands of magici..




The magician removes a surgical scalpel and uses it to easily cut through a piece of white paper to prove its sharpness, the magician then places the blade into his/her mouth in front of the audience ..

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