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A unique combination of the Object to Impossible Location effect and Card Magic: The selected card travels to a seven-layer card box.The gimmick is compatible with PURE Black Playing Card.A selected c..

The King of Dragon (Holographic) Playing Cards


The Dragon Deck is the name of this project, and Holographic Version is very special. The design was co-produced by Infinity Soliware and designer Jason. The concept of the Dragon card back is to give..


Classicho Long and Short by TCC Magic


A timeless illusion with a new mechanism.To resurrect an age-old magic trick, we traced its origins and discovered a variation that has been overlooked but is incredibly clever. Historical records tel..


Classicho Mayan Box by TCC Magic


A delicate dice drawer prediction box with various modifications and innovations.The Jewelry Box Prediction, a classic in the realm of magic effects, has captivated audiences for decades. Originating ..


The Chinese Teapot by TCC Magic


Introducing the brand-new Chinese Magic Teapot - A blend of tradition and new innovative surprises.Throughout history, the teapot or kettle has been used in various magic effects, like pouring water e..

Zeta Car by Marcos Cruz and Pilato


Marcos Cruz presents an innovation of a magic classic, the flower box, producing four boxes of collectible car toys.This new presentation is innovative and visual.Includes:4 folding boxes2 bags instru..

Oppenheimer Fission Playing Cards by Room One


Oppenheimer Playing Cards Fission edition (Cardistry version) by Room One Cards. These cards are designed specifically for cardistry and are part of the Oppenheimer Playing Cards series. They use SLEI..

Royal Wonder Playing Cards


Introducing Wonder Playing Cards - Royal Edition, a regal and captivating deck designed to bring an air of majesty to your card games and collections. Printed by The United States Playing Card Company..

Scarlet Wonder Playing Cards


Introducing Wonder Playing Cards - Scarlet Edition, a captivating deck crafted to enhance your card games with both style and quality. Printed by The United States Playing Card Company on classic stoc..

Emerald Wonder Playing Cards


Introducing Wonder Playing Cards - Emerald Wonder Standard Edition, a versatile and elegant deck designed to enhance your card games and collections with understated sophistication. The card edges mai..


The Secret of H Puzzle by TCC


The Secret of 'H' is an IQ puzzle that is a bit trickier than The Secret of 'T'. You can introduce this 'H' puzzle to your friends after they have been taken in by the ease of the 'T' puzzle. Your fri..


INTO Wallet (Top Grain Leather) by TCC Magic


The Into Wallet is now back, plus a new version: Top-Grain Cowhide Leather.New yet familiar designTwo years ago, TCC PRESENTS released The Edge Wallet, a simple, yet powerful card-to-wallet that we be..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 852 (71 Páginas)