Transformations and penetrations

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Magic Blocks Deluxe by 7 MAGIC


The building block miracle is a true magic puzzle!For the puzzle part: the performer starts by showing that the puzzle fits into a frame as a rectangle. The performer rearranges the blocks and the blo..




The performer takes out a cup of coffee and show it to the audience. He says he is getting thirsty and gently swirls his hand around to show the coffee in the cup. He tastes a sip of his coffee. It is..


Growing Ball (Black) from Magic by Gosh


The magician displays a small sponge ball. He places the ball onto his closed fist and pushes it down inside. When he opens his hand the ball has somehow grown into a large ball!Only one ball is used...

JL Magic

Flat by Magicat


There are no suitable words to describe this amazing effect.Enjoy the video and love the magic of this devastating effect ... If this isn't magic!We still don't believe what we saw!• JL Magic quality...

JL Magic

JUYONG Linking Hangers by JL


A beautiful routine of colored crutches that, step by step, mysteriously link and unlink. All with very visual moments that grow in intensity.In the final part of the routine, a spectator will be hol..


Card Into Frame by 7 MAGIC


Magician shows an empty photo frame. It is just an ordinary frame; nothing is special.The magician asks a audience to choose one card and makes sign on it.The magician returns the signed card to the d..

JL Magic

Umbrella From Bandana Set (random color for umbrel...


Umbrella From Bandana Set by JL Magic. Magician shows a large handkerchiefs, with a second the handkerchiefs instantly transform into a colorful big umbrellas. What a nice tricks!Easy for kids age of ..

Henry Evans

Rubik's Cube 3D Advertising (Gimmicks and Online I...


From the Minds Of Henry Evans (FISM world champion) and Martin Braessas comes Rubik's 3D Advertising You will be able to produce a Rubik's cube from 2D to 3D without any cover! The best opener for a..

PE Illusions

Quantum Spoon Bend (Gimmicks and Online Instructio...


"Spoon bending" has been mesmerising audiences all over the world for decades. "Quantum Spoon Bend" allows you to use a borrowed, regular un-gimmicked coffee or tea spoon (which may be signed) and vis..

Marcos Cruz

SILK CAN COKE by Marcos Cruz


Transform a can into patterned silk... show the public a can of soda, place it inside a tube where it shows that it is in the inside the tube, it gives a magical click and the can has disappeared, tra..

Murphy's Magic

RD Insta Lite (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by...

Disponible a partir del 15 de diciembre

The MOST VISUAL cube solve on the planet! With absolutely NO MOVEMENTS at all, you INSTANTLY SOLVE a mixed up cube like CGI EFFECT (You have to see it to believe it!). It is so visual that you will sw..

Bond Lee

RUBIKS WALL Complete Set by Bond Lee - Trick (Two ...


Introducing Rubik's Wall, the ultimate finale for your Rubik's cube magic routine. Created by Bond Lee, D.K. Wong & Happy, produced by MS Magic.If you are into Rubik's cube magic, this is for you!The ..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 384 (32 Páginas)