Transformations and penetrations

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How do we tell if a magic effect is good?Time will tell if an effect is good.It is really hard to judge the quality of a magic effect, however, good magic effects can withstand the test of time and be..

Jordan Victoria

Melty by Jordan Victoria


With MELTY you will now be able to take the classic Sharpie™ through card to the next level.More logical, MELTY allows you to visually penetrate a lighter through a signed card and give them for exami..

Appearing cubes by Pen & MS Magic


The perfect magic for the stage magic beginner.This set can accomplish many quite different effects:AppearancesVanishesMultiple appearancesPerpetual (reappearing) cubesTransformations - Easy to do- 10..

Di Fatta

Sword thru balloon


Truly the ultimate version of the balloon penetration effect.Insert a balloon into the tube and pierce it with two solid spikes. The balloon does not "pop" but remains inflated! Show the inside of the..

Juan Pablo Ibañez

Harlequin's Pipe by Juan Pablo


Great Cigarette Routine! The magician makes cigarettes appear and disappear, in a simple and very magical way. All mixed with appearances of cigarette holders, lighters and, for a memorable ending .....

C-Thru by Salvador Sufrate

Disponible el 10 de Diciembre

C-Thru, is an impressive magic trick created by Salvador Sufrate, that we should always have ready to use in our shows.The magician holds a bottle of soda and by gently passing his hand in front of it..

Di Fatta

Block Escape


Show a box, three colored blocks each with two slits and two blades. Place the blocks inside the box and slide through the blades to block them. Open the doors of the box to show that the locks are lo..

Di Fatta

Egg Prediction

Disponible el 30 de Diciembre

Show an egg, four stands, a hammer and four coffee cups. Ask a spectator to place the egg on any of the stands and turm over the cups to cover all the egg stands, and mix them all up, so that you will..

Di Fatta

Matching Color Changing Plumes


You show a single green plume duster and an empty tube. The duster is pushed inside the tube and when pulled out , it is seen to have changed to orange. It is again pushed inside the tube and when pul..

Sorcier Magic

BAR MAGIC by Sorcier Magic


We are pleased to present a transition effect, innovative, simple and with a sure impact on the public. A black tray is shown on which three transparent glasses are placed. From three smaller glasses,..

Sorcier Magic

Jumbo Safety Pins Through Balloon Silver by Sorcie...


A safety pin that replaces the classic needle for the famous effect of the pin through the balloon. After inflating a transparent balloon, the magician takes a large safety pin and pushes its tip thro..

QR PREDICTION JOHN LENNON (Gimmicks and Online Ins...


QR Prediction an original idea by Gustavo Raley"Gustavo did it again. He created a brand new effect adapted to these new times with an innovative climax."- Adolfo "Dream Makers"An interactive effect t..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 413 (35 Páginas)