Glasses and Bottles

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Portable DLX Wine Glass


Often magicians use a wine glass during their show. The problem is that regular wine glasses made of real glass are heavy, bulky and fragile.This beautiful portable wine glass is the perfect solution!..

Sorcier Magic

GALAXY GLASS by Sorcier Magic


A goblet glass is shown to the audience. It contains colored liquid. All you need to do is touch it with a scarf to transform the liquid inside into another color. It uses no chemicals or other compou..

Twister Magic

The Appearing Bottle by George Iglesias & Twis...


Another classic of magic brought to modern times by George Iglesias and Twister Magic. Make any bottle appear in seconds!Based on the classic square circle illusion, George have created "The Appearing..


Candy Prediction by Adrian Carratala


Enter the stage with a jar full of colored candies and you will have the attention of the entire audience guaranteed. Spectators will be able to guess exactly how many candies are in the pot.“My Candi..

Joshua Jay

Collapsible Wine Glass by Joshua Jay


Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc. present the perfect solution for transforming your close-up card magic into a larger parlor piece. Card magic can actually work very well in larger settings as long as y..

Molten (Props and Online Instructions) by Morgan S...


Borrow a glass bottle from a spectator and pour out any remaining liquid. Then, without any unnatural movement, begin to alter the physical properties of the bottle by simply rubbing it with both hand..

Richard Griffin Productions

BALANCE by Richard Griffin


EFFECT:A borrowed bill and drink are shown. You now place the drink on top of the edge of the bill and let go. The drink is now seen to be balancing on the bill. Take the drink off the bill and everyt..

P&L Enchanted Tea Pot (complete) by P&L


This is the classic effect in which four different colors of liquid are poured from a small teapot into four separate glasses. When the cover of the pot is lifted, four completely dry silks leap out a..

Chop Cup (Plastic) by Uday


Chop Cup (Plastic) by Uday



A ball vanishes from under a cup and re-appears under the cup. Some times it vanishes and appears in different place...

Mark Strivings

Decanter of Death by Mark Strivings


What is the Decanter of Death?It is pictured here. It doesn't look like much, but lurking within this innocent-looking little glass are the makings of a sinister and highly commercial presentation.Her..

Sorcier Magic

BAR MAGIC by Sorcier Magic


We are pleased to present a transition effect, innovative, simple and with a sure impact on the public. A black tray is shown on which three transparent glasses are placed. From three smaller glasses,..

Sorcier Magic

BENDING GLASS by Sorcier Magic


A glass goblet is shown and examined by a spectator. The glass is solid and robust. Now the magician begins to focus on it and slowly the stem of the same glass begins to slowly bend with the strength..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 215 (18 Páginas)