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Jeff Stone

Diary of a Madman by Jeff Stone - Book


The latest book from Jeff Stone, Diary of a Madman is an eclectic collection of ideas, tricks, presentations, moves, and routines ranging from card control, to mind control. Sprinkled in amongst the m..

Hiding Your Bullets - installing Rope Magnets by D...


The quintessential guide to the installation of rope magnets. Includes David Alan's "no glue" method!An in depth study of this amazing art with actual photos of each step of the process using the tech..

Brain Breach by Ken Dyne - Book


Brain Breach dances impishly at the crossroads of classic and modern mentalism. Two thoughts are used to generate a high security passcode and demonstrate just how vulnerable we all are.This beautiful..

The Artist Who Lied by Ren X - Book


Maybe we should lie more.The connection between deception and art dates back to some of the earliest philosophers. How does the consideration of magic, an art form that seemingly relies on deception, ..

Triabolical by John Bannon - Book


John Bannon and Liam Montier present THREE absolute killer 'fractal' packet tricks in one small but deadly volume with 'Triabolical'! These are easy, examinable packet tricks at their VERY best!"Banno..

Joel Dickinson

Head Tricks by Joel Dickinson - Book


What is Head Tricks?It's a book full of hard hitting effects for magicians, mentalists and mind magicians.All of the material within the book can be applied to close up and stage performances.The rout..

Joshua Jay



How Magicians Think: Misdirection, Deception, and Why Magic Matters by Joshua Jay The door to magic is closed, but it's not locked.And now Joshua Jay, one of the world's most accomplished magicians, n..

Genii Magazine

Genii Magazine August 2021- Book


GENII THE CONJURORS' MAGAZINE VOLUME 84 NUMBER 8August 2021 FEATURES Slydini: Master of Misdirection by John FisherMagic Posters and the Manipulation of Memory by Richard Wiseman and Mike CaveneyCOLUM..

Gustavo Raley

Art of Hand Shadows (Gimmicks and Online Instructi...


Gustavo Raley has been performing the art of hand shadows his whole life.A a kid, he performed this millenary art in his father's shows.Through the years, he presented his shows in prestigious stages ..

MOSAIK by Diego Voltini - Book


Predict the outcome of a scrambled Rubik's cube.Mosaik is a simple and straightforward mental effect that can be presented in a variety of performing environments, from strolling magic gigs to virtual..

RUDIMENT by Chris Rawlins - Book


A direct demonstration of thought reading. Your spectator thinks of a random word and nothing else. They do not write or speak their word. You begin to verbalise the thoughts you receive in real time ..

Oculus 2 by Fraser Parker - Book


Oculus 2 is an updated handling on the prop-less date of birth divination. Included are various direct prop-less methods as well as a streamline handling with playing cards.There is no explaining each..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 1386 (116 Páginas)