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Magic Blocks Deluxe by 7 MAGIC


The building block miracle is a true magic puzzle!For the puzzle part: the performer starts by showing that the puzzle fits into a frame as a rectangle. The performer rearranges the blocks and the blo..

Tenyo Magic

FLASH CUBE 2022 by Tenyo Magic


A six-sided illusionInstantly complete the puzzle!Random puzzle blocks instantly transform into a completed animal image, and then continue changing into other animal pictures. The puzzle can even cha..

FUNK by Bacon Magic

Disponible a partir del 15 de noviembre

FUNK is an interesting puzzle product produced by Bacon magic. There are four exquisite irregular transparent puzzles in the box. Please try to piece them into a rectangleThis seems to be a simple jig..

Federico Poeymiro

MAGIKUB 2.0 by Federico Poeymiro


Do you think you have seen everything regarding a Rubik's Cube?Could you imagine putting the pieces together in just one second? In this second version Mr. Poeymiro went a great step forward developin..


The Amazing 3D PUZZLE by TCC


Challenge your logical perceptionIn 2009, Lu Chen ("The Magician of The Year" 2011 - The Academy of Magician Arts) performed an incredible tile puzzle effect on local Chinese television, which caused ..


Coin Escape Puzzle


A coin is placed into the slot in the plastic disc. Ask someone to remove it. They wont be able to do it and within seconds you have the coin out...

Puzzling Brick Wall

Puzzling Brick Wall



Two step-shaped blocks can make up a brick wall, but after the two blocks turned over, the composed brick wall has a hole in the center. So amazing!A true magic puzzle!Approximate dimensions: 17.5cm x..

Magic Vault


A misterious Box where you can save your money, and the spectator have no clue how to open it, but with a magic gesture the Vault became easy to open..

Sudoku Cube


Sudoku Cube - a variation on a magic cube in which the faces have numbers instead of colours. The goal is to place the numbers from one to nine on each side with no repetition...

Magic Cube


Wonderful game for the lovers of sequential move puzzles. Goal: every side of the cube should have the cubes of one colour only. Sides of the box: 3 x 3. The layers of pieces can be rotated vertically..

Doruk Ulgen

Miracle Puzzle (Close Up) by Doruk Ulgen


A poetic mystery, a display of pure elegance and beauty...A Sophisticated Mystery Experience...Miracle Puzzle MiniPerformer introduces a puzzle that fits perfectly in a beautiful frame. He invites the..

Huzzle Cast Key II - Difficulty Easy


Huzzle Cast Key II - Difficulty Easy



The Cast Key is one of the long-selling puzzles among Hanayama’s Cast Puzzle series. We have created a new version of this puzzle emphasizing style and precision, as PART II. Designed by Otake & W..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 137 (12 Páginas)