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Tora Magic

Infinite Money by Tora Magic - Euro

Disponible el 10 de marzo

Everybody wishes plain papers turn to money! And you can make poeple`s wish come true by having one of these for you: you can magically transform papers to money!A very quick transformation happens in..

Tora Magic

Juicy News by Tora Magic


Juicy News is one of the fastest action trick of Tora Magic. How this fascinating trick works, makes everyone amused and laugh at the same time.To understand what I'm trying to say, you gotta watch th..

Sergey Koller

SOULMATE by Hide & Sergey Koller

Disponible el 10 de marzo

Imagine having one device that allows you to perform 100 routines!For example: 1. Cody Fisher's incredible "Eat/Fart Routine" now available for stage It is one of the best comedy acts on stage, ask a ..

Mr. Magic

Milk Jug Jumbo - Plastic Unbreakable by Mr. Magic


Here is the classic milk trick ready to add to your show!EFFECT: Performer forms a paper cone using a sheet of news paper; from a transparent jug he pours milk into the paper cone, leaving a little qu..

Gustavo Raley

MARIO BOOM (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by G...


Mario Boom, a new trick idea from Gustavo Raley.If you enjoyed Cubik boom trick, you will love this new version - Mario Boom. Using a Mario's cube and with a hit it, you will get chocolate coins.The e..

Gustavo Raley

POCKETMON (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Gu...


POCKETMON - A routine by Raul Biczyk and produced by Gustavo RaleyGustavo Raley presents a practical and entertaining pocket trick for your close-up shows using famous Pokémon characters.The magician..

Luca Volpe

Motivational Cards 2.0 (Gimmicks and Online Instru...


After much anticipation, the highly requested MOTIVATIONAL CARDS 2.0 are finally here! Now crafted with durable, 100% plastic and featuring a sleek, new box design!Engage your audience with this power..

Alan Wong

Influence by Steve Cook and Alan Wong


A delightfully, unique & deceptive twist on the Free Will premise!Partly inspired by the Free Will premise, but with a unique and different method. No force, no ambiguous written prediction, in fact, ..

Movie Quiz (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by J...


What's Included:MB MAGIC presents "Movie Quiz - Quote Edition," you'll receive a complete package designed to enhance your magical performances. Inside the stylish tuck box, you'll find:- A pack of 58..

Air Dice created by Gonçalo Gil and Gee Magic


Air Dice comes to revolutionize dice routines on stage or parlor conditions. A random selection of something using a die is like a little fun "game" that you can add to your show and keep the suspense..

The Long Pour Salt Trick - The Inner Work by Micha...


A feature stand up stage trick in your pocket you can do anywhere.THE GIMMICKCustom light weight aluminum Salt Pour gimmick made by Morrissey Magic designed by Bill Abbott.These are the last (and only..

Bacon Magic

L Bell by Bacon Magic

Disponible el 30 de marzo

Features:The standard version of L Bell only supports instant sound triggering by pressing the remote control.Consistent sound intensity with both manual and remote controlSynchronized top striker act..

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