Productos específicos para magia cercana. Ideal para pequeños clubs, mesas en restaurantes, pubs y bares para realizar de pie o sentado.

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Deluxe Wooden Ball Vase (Merlins Premier Range) by...


This classic of magic is beautifully made from choice hardwoods. This really is one of the best hand crafted Ball Vases available on the market today. This model is finely crafted by our own craftsman..




The performer takes out a cup of coffee and show it to the audience. He says he is getting thirsty and gently swirls his hand around to show the coffee in the cup. He tastes a sip of his coffee. It is..




Beautiful Walnut case, individually handcrafted to fit a regular poker sized deck.The gimmick comes in blue Bicycle deck, but you can easily replace it using a deck of your choice.Made from real black..

Kingdom Black Pearl Box Set


In order to bring the luxurious feel of the product to the extreme, we used black and gold colors to create this new version of KINGDOM: Black Pearl Boxset. This version uses a variety of manufacturin..

Buddha Okito & Boston Box Set (Half Dollar Siz...

Di Fatta

Buddha Okito & Boston Box Set (Half Dollar Siz...



A set of Buddha Okito Box and Boston Box.You can make coins vanish in one box and reappear in the other box, all right there in front of your audience, close-up and personal.This box can be used by it..

Julio Montoro

MAKE YOUR CHOICE (Gimmicks and Online Instruction)...


Have you ever thought of performing the classic right from your pocket? Now, with Make Your Choice you can!With this revolutionary new method you will be able to show the cards as close as possib..

Victor Voitko

BURNOUT 2.0 CARBON GOLD by Victor Voitko (Gimmick ...


"The safest and most reliable way to hand out your business card to show it is hot"- Paul Romhany (Editor VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE).You can get a burning business card from the card holder.You can use yo..

Klipto - A 3 Coin Divination (Gimmicks and Online ...


You can't see the coins. You can't feel the coins. But you know what they are!Three borrowed coins are locked in transparent plastic holders, dropped into three ungimmicked envelopes and mixed by the ..

Socks: Halloween Edition (Gimmicks and Online Inst...


Difficulty: Very easyWhat's included: Special socks, specially printed cards, and a gorgeous wallet to carry them in.THIS IS A GREAT IN-STORE DEMO ITEM.Halloween designs are delightfully colorful and ..

Christmas Monte by Christopher Dearman


Inspired by Color Monte created by Jim Temple and marketed by Emerson and West, Christmas Monte updates the classic three-card packet effect with a timeless holiday story most everyone knows. The perf..

B CLEAR (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Axel...


Axel VERGNAUD and Alexis Touchard are proud to introduce B Clear! This device will allow you to transform a BIC® lighter into a completely transparent lighter!This tool, coupled with the gimmick provi..

Di Fatta

NERD by O_Nul and SangSoon Kim


[N E R D] was created through the collaboration of O_Nul and SangSoon Kim."We tried to make not just a 'Gimmick', like a piece of art, then we started a project to share with many people, finally we m..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 3564 (297 Páginas)