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Marcos Cruz

SILK CAN COKE by Marcos Cruz


Transform a can into patterned silk... show the public a can of soda, place it inside a tube where it shows that it is in the inside the tube, it gives a magical click and the can has disappeared, tra..

Alan Wong

Silk to Panda by Alan Wong


Alan Wong's newest silk to animal series where you magically change a black and white striped silk into a cartoon Panda!You receive a large 30cm square black and white striped quality pure silk, a gim..

Murphy's Magic

THE MAGIC FROG by Magic and Trick Defma


The funny silks collection are silks with unique and exclusive designs of magic and trick, they can be used in different ways.All the illustrations are of very good quality and very colorful.They are ..

Magic Hand Flying Handkerchief


Lift the corner of handkerchief without touching it. Baffle them with your superb skills and be the next master magician!Advanced magic trickMake an handkerchief fly in front of your spectatorsIncludi..

Rope to Silk


This is a very neat impromptu effect that is easily carried in the pocket. Great for children's entertainers as well as adult venues. The performer tries in vein to make the rope stand rigid. Finally ..

Magic Handkerchief


It is printed with a logo on the surface and comes with two coins in round shape. The magic handkerchief is a level 2 magic trick and is excellent for using as a gift for kids.     • Ha..

Magic Thumb with Silk


Instant Magic, make a hanky disappear/ reappear inside your fist..

JL Magic



Hank Cool It! is an extremely visual and easy to perform version of the dancing hank. The Dancing hank was popularized by Harry Blackstone and has been a classic of magic ever since. Hank Cool It is s..


Sitta Card Silk - Green - 45 cm (18 ) - Jack of Di...


This special silk with a card printed on it makes possible endless routines. Ten routines that Duane Laflin has written specially for us are included.   • 100% pure silk. • It is an original ..

New Osmosilk by Quique Marduk


Based on an idea by Tang Ho Chuang and Fantasio, Quique Marduk introduces OSMOSILK, the most visual "Silk through Glass" effect.A regular silk penetrates the solid bottom of a borrowed transparent gla..


$100 bill Silk 45 cm by Magic by Gosh


High quality 100% silk with a graphic of the United States $100 Dollar Bill...

Silks 36 inch by Uday

Murphy's Magic

Silks 36 inch by Uday



This is a Fine Tabby Silk square. Also available in 9, 15, 18 and 24 inch squares in Red...

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