Boxes and Cages

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David Penn

Mystery Solved Nest of Boxes by David Penn


Recommended and performed by top magicians. Mystery Solved is one of the most brilliant creations from David Penn. To build on that success, we worked with David and proudly presented The Mystery Solv..

Joker Magic

WizBox Deluxe by Joker Magic


With this elegant box, you can easily switch or vanish cards, silks, billets, etc. You can predict the slected card, written name, number, color, brand, city, etc. The perfect companion for mental rou..

Treasure box

Di Fatta

Treasure box



A magician borrows a spectator’s object, placing it in the Treasure box. When member’s of the audience are asked to open and retake the object, no one but only the magician is able!  ..

Parson Switch Box (Blue) by Davey Rockit


TURN YOUR BORING CARD BOX INTO A POWERFUL SWITCHING DEVICEUsing a tuck box to switch items is organic. Your cards are in play while you're performing magic - so your audience suspects nothing if you u..

Dylan Sausset

THE PRESENT Dylan Sausset and Axel Vergnaud


Dylan Sausset and Axel Vergnaud associate their ideas and are proud to present you their new project: "The Present". With The Present box, you'll can make an impossible location, a perfect prediction ..

Deluxe Diabolical Die Box (Merlins Premier Range) ...


The magician exhibits a beautifully turned round hardwood box and three regular dice.The spectator is allowed to roll the dice several times to satisfy the audience that the dice are indeed regular di..



Disponible el 30 de julio

IntroMagician Conan Liu has used this classic effect, the drawer box in hundreds of his TV appearances and corporate shows. He searched through all of the similar props available on the market and fou..


Strong Box Silver Jumbo


Here is a very useful accessory. This locked box allows you to disappear or transform any object borrowed and contained within it!• The box comes with a padlock with two keys (one spare).• Made of alu..

Magic Vault


A misterious Box where you can save your money, and the spectator have no clue how to open it, but with a magic gesture the Vault became easy to open..

Prediction Box by Maurizio Visconti

Prediction Box by Maurizio Visconti



By popular demand, the Prediction Box (now "sold out"), has been recreated by us in a smaller size and with a price accessible to all.Here is a versatile sure fire prediction that will amaze any kind ..

Mr. Magic

Sucker Card Box by Mr. Magic


The magician shows a box with two doors that he opens to show it empty inside. In one of the two compartments he puts a playing card and closes the doors. He tilts the box to the right, saying that th..

Di Fatta

Paper to Bill Box


Six papers cut in the shape of bills are shown and counted. A flat box is shown empty. The papers are then placed inside the box. The box is handed over to the spectator to hold for safe custody. Afte..

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