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Julio Montoro

MAKE YOUR CHOICE (Gimmicks and Online Instruction)...


Have you ever thought of performing the classic right from your pocket? Now, with Make Your Choice you can!With this revolutionary new method you will be able to show the cards as close as possib..

Jeff Stone

DEAD RINGER by Jeff Stone


The spectator and magician play the role of a pair of serial-killer twins.The two of them play a game to decide the fate of the victims by having the spectator place a tiny skull on the photographs of..

Henry Evans

Rubik's Cube 3D Advertising (Gimmicks and Online I...


From the Minds Of Henry Evans (FISM world champion) and Martin Braessas comes Rubik's 3D Advertising You will be able to produce a Rubik's cube from 2D to 3D without any cover! The best opener for a..

Gustavo Raley

TRICK OR JOKE (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) b...


Gustavo Raley presents you a funny magic effect for this Halloween.Surprise kids with this funny magic joke when they come to ask you for candies...

Ovations by Jim Steinmeyer


This routine is a GREAT opener both in live or virtual shows. Jim Steinmeyer opened his virtual lecture with this routine and all the cards were mailed to each spectator and the ending was great! It ..

Kaymar Magic Company UK

Guess by Jamie Daws and Kaymar Magic


GUESS by Jamie Daws is a killer commercial idea - a set of cards based on the popular game 'Guess Who', but with a deadly secret...The cards are marked, with an ingenious system that is very easy to r..

Matthew Wright

Celebrity Scorch (Halloween and Horror) by Mathew ...


You can cause the image of these iconic horror stars to appear on the back of ANY blank, signed card! Even your own business card. Celebrity Scorch Horror edition is a POWERFUL piece of visual magic t..

The Neural Miracle (Gimmicks and Online Instructio...


Welcome to the future...A future when mind and matter become one through incredible technology without parallel - imagine a unique mental experience, a neural miracle connecting your thoughts with a s..

Wayne Dobson

TRICOLOR DICE by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong


Tricolor Dice is a fine five minute close up routine by Wayne Dobson features three small dice boxes and three colored dice that gives you a three- phase mindreading act under increasingly impossible ..

SUKMA by Nawa Birawa & steve Marchello


Imagine you can sense someone's soul!You ask the spectator to write someone's name on the card and let the spectator put it into the envelopeNot only that, you even give the envelope and let the spect..

Julio Montoro

Skymember Presents: Project Polaroid Add-On Kit (...


The long waiting release is finally here!In 2019, we released Project Polaroid.An iconic photo changing effect that took the community by storm.Among many other variations in Project Polaroid, the mos..

Magic Firm

4K Color Vision Box (Gimmicks and Online Instructi...


The ball & vase. The silk vanish. The penetration frame. All classics, all simple, all found in magic kits around the world. These classics didn't reach that status by having the most clever metho..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 277 (24 Páginas)