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Evoke (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Craig ...


"That's remarkable. That's a miracle. That's true astonishment right there."- Justin MillerEVOKE is a master key that can unlock deep, emotional connections with your audience instantly with ease. Men..

Vestige by Rizki Nanda x Handy Altan


Vestige by Riski Nanda x Handy AltanA beautiful effect of the maestro Harry Houdini.A set of polaroid photos are shown and there's one photo with a blank poster in it.Spectators choose a card and on t..

Jumping Rhinestone


The magician showsa die which he then puts in the hand of a spectator. Then he shows a stick filled, on both sides, with small rhinestones. A moment later the rhinestones will vanish from the wand... ..

David Jonathan

Synergy (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Davi...


Create impossible predictions in real time on your phone!From the creator of VOX comes Synergy, which takes multiple outs into the next stratosphere. Hundreds of possible outcomes can be effortlessly ..

Movie Quiz (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by J...


What's Included:MB MAGIC presents "Movie Quiz - Quote Edition," you'll receive a complete package designed to enhance your magical performances. Inside the stylish tuck box, you'll find:- A pack of 58..

THE BIGGER PICTURE (Gimmicks and Online Instructio...


THE BIGGER PICTURE by Radek Hoffman & Chris Jones - it is a complex system of reading minds with specially printed Polaroid pictures. Using them, you will be able to predict, read or reveal specta..

Joker Magic

Wooden ESP Prediction Cards by Joker Magic


A set of premium quality wooden ESP cards, a perfect accessory for any ESP trick, as we have engraved "PREDICTION" on the back of every card!At the beginning of a trick we can put one of them on an e..

Joker Magic

Wooden ESP Cards by Joker Magic


A set of premium quality, wooden ESP cards. The vibrant, yet elegant cherry wood color gives this set an elegance which makes mental magic all the more powerful!The wooden cards are manufactured to be..


Dice Miracle by TCC


Exquisite wooden ESP dice set.Dice Miracle.Crafted from ebony and boxwood inlays, Enhancing your performance experience.What's more?We've also included three highly captivating story-driven routines t..

Himitsu Magic

IMPOSSIBLE JUMBO (Gimmicks and Online Instructions...


In fact, as early as two years ago, this product started to be played at magic conventions in all countries, restaurant extension tables, friends gathering, buying sports coupons, and was played by th..


Dicey Dots (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by DA...


Effect:Daryl's Legendary Dicey Dots is an easy to perform effect that is sure to bring great reactions from your audience! An ordinary die is shown to the audiance. Then, the spectator holds it tightl..

MeiLong Skewb Carbon Fibre Cube


For whoever loves the classic Cube, here is a similar puzzle in a nice high-perfoming version!The cube measures cm 5,5 on each side...

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 300 (25 Páginas)