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Tora Magic

Dice Game by Tora Magic

Disponible el 30 de Diciembre

The magician asks the spectator to choose one color among the six colored dice present.After the spectator has chosen, the drawer is opened and inside is the magician's prediction which, incredibly, c..

Birthday Candle Repeat (Gimmicks and Online Instru...


A must-have kid's magic routine for any children's magic performer. Birthday Candle Repeat by WonderPhil and AmazeKids is an amazing and engaging way to celebrate any child's birthday.You'll never per..

D.I.E. - Sirus Magic & Premium Magic Store


A spectator's card is chosen randomly, by the throw of a paper dice. They can throw as many times as they like. When they are happy with the number, they will count from a deck, to that number, to cho..

OMG Super Morigami (Gimmicks and Online Instructio...


John Bannon's OMG Super Morigami is a self-contained, self-working packet trick that utterly defies explanation. Indeed, the fact that it works may baffle you almost as much as your spectators!!! You ..

The Darkwave and Lightwave ESP Set (Gimmicks and O...


Bigblindmedia presents Light & Darkwave ESP Bundle by Adam Cooper (BBM389)Two ESP Decks that let you divine a card's color, symbol, image AND word in just a GLANCE!"Adam Cooper has succeeded where so ..

Chazpro Magic & Collectibles



This is one of the more unique 3 Shell Game routines around. It utilizes the Chazpro telepathy card principle. You get three cards with pictures of walnut shells on one side. One card has a green spot..


Presto Printo (With Online Instruction) by DARYL


Presto Printo is the most VISUAL and exciting version of the classic "Wild Card" effect. This electrifying classic of magic can now be performed with NO sleight of hand! Each step of this routine seem..

Traveling Dice WHITE by Sorcier Magic


With this pair of dice you will be able to create surprising effects. After showing and performing some gambling effects, put the two dice in one hand and after a gesture one of them will have materia..

Mirrorize (TAROT) by Loran


Mirrorize is a classic "Do as I do" effect... but with a twist. A mesmerizing coincidence occurs with mirror cards in the hands of a volunteer!No forceEasy to doInstant resetYou finish cleanCards are ..

Secret Factory

Marking Collection (Gimmicks and Online Instructio...


Secret Factory brings you this super marking deck that you dreamed about.Marking Collection is a deck with 56 cards that have special secret system on the back of them, by reading the marking system, ..

Jumbo Invisible Deck by Tejinaya


A magician asks an audience to choose one favorite card from an invisible deck, and to tell the magician what card it is, for example, 5 of Spades. Then tell them to turn the card over and put it back..

A.B.See (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Spide...


"This is sooo good!!! The routines are jaw droppers, the cards are beautifully made and look exactly as they should, the instruction is jam-packed with fantastic info and anyone can learn it in a few ..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 295 (25 Páginas)