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F***ing Cards (Orange Blackout Edition) by Ame Mol...


Never Bored Again. "I have my "F***ing Cards" by Ame Molin. There is a before and an after! #GameChanger" - Jorge Blass"F***ing cards are amazing! Trainers that are light, feel great to us..

French Twins

Flash Me by Les French Twins


A creation by Les French Twins.Imagine presenting a blank business card with a QR code to your spectator. They choose a celebrity, a country, an animal or a movie... You, then show a QR code and ask t..

Paul Gordon

Matching Your Drinks by Paul Gordon


It's a stunner! Paul Gordon's Matching (or mixing) your drinks. Look: No sleights, easy to do, examinable & fast reset. And, of course, fun, unusual & totally magical. So much magic and fun w..



Disponible el 10 de julio

EFFECT:The magician places the prophecy envelope on the table. Inside the envelope is a member's card. The magician asks spectator their favorite time of the day. When the magician takes out the membe..

Infinity Deck by Craig Petty and Lloyd Barnes


"The Infinity Deck is a full show in your pocket! It will allow you to perform magic and mentalism to an all-new level. Incredible revelation, mind reading and powerful magic always ready to go! This ..

Mariano Goni Fernandez

Music Madness by Mariano Goni

Disponible el 30 de junio

This will fool your smartest audiences... And it feels as real magic to you! This may be the fairest looking, most impossible music trick you've ever seen.When your spectators are thinking you are goi..

John Kennedy Magic

Sonic Dice by John Kennedy


Three dice vanish from your hand and magically appear, one at a time, inside a thermos or cup. Your audience will be shocked and amazed by the loud sound of each arrival! You will receive three differ..

Big Blind Media

Bigblindmedia Presents John Bannon's Surreal Kille...


Bigblindmedia presents Surreal Killer by John Bannon Comes with the six special custom printed playing cards you need! Surreal Killer - You start by displaying a packet of fully blank playing cards. T..

Tora Magic

Cube to Anything


Show a cube and a tray. Drop the cube on the tray: upon impact the cube visibly transforms into another object such as: a sponge ball, a crumpled up banknote, a crumpled sheet of paper with a message ..

Cubeify by Paul Fowler and Kev G


"I love a surprise reveal, and I also love totally out of the box thinking. This is both of those elements, on steroids!" - MARC SPELMANN 'X' "Fantastic routine, amazing reveals, builds progressively..

Mind Entanglement by Hank and Joseph Lee


One of the favorite plots in magic is matching effect. You may be familiar with the classic ESP cards matching routine, that's deceptively simple, yet packs a powerful punch. For the past seven years,..

Jumbo Mind Entanglement by Hank and Joseph Lee


Released at the 2024 Blackpool Magic Convention, "Mind Entanglement" was extremely well received. There were also many requests for a larger version for parlor or stage, prompting the creation and rel..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 319 (27 Páginas)