Glasses and Bottles

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TORNADO by Peter Eggink


Smoke in a Glass ReinventedPerform the classic "Smoke to Glass" as never before -for the first time ever it's super visual, super easy and super practical to perform. Tornado is the closest thing to r..

Mr. Magic

Animated Drink by Mr. Magic

Disponible el 30 de abril

The magician shows a board with a picture of a glass filled with a drink on it. He takes a straw out of his pocket, places it on the picture of the glass and, magically, the audience will see the leve..

Refilled (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) Henry ...


Henry Harrius is finally revealing one of his secret weapons from his commercial show: REFILLED.You first introduce an empty glass bottle (corona), a paper bag and an opener as a "magic wand". After s..

Portable DLX Wine Glass


Often magicians use a wine glass during their show. The problem is that regular wine glasses made of real glass are heavy, bulky and fragile.This beautiful portable wine glass is the perfect solution!..

Bond Lee

Shot Glass Matrix by Patricio, Bond Lee & MS M...


Shot Glass Matrix created by Patricio Teran.A modernized classic of magic.A Matrix accomplished with shot glasses instead of coins.The magician displays 4 shot glasses and pours drinks in them. Then h..




Using bizarre phenomena to reveal the outcome of a magic effect is one of the most common presentations in magic. Almost every magician performs one reveal or another and almost no spectators are not ..


Final Wooden Cups Standard by TCC

Fuera de producción

Wood has an innate attractiveness and is naturally visually appealing to the eye. It has a unique warmth and character that we love compared to the coldness of metal. When it is used in Cups and Balls..

Joshua Jay

Collapsible Wine Glass by Joshua Jay


Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc. present the perfect solution for transforming your close-up card magic into a larger parlor piece. Card magic can actually work very well in larger settings as long as y..

Richard Griffin Productions

BALANCE by Richard Griffin


EFFECT:A borrowed bill and drink are shown. You now place the drink on top of the edge of the bill and let go. The drink is now seen to be balancing on the bill. Take the drink off the bill and everyt..

Taiwan Ben Magic Shop

BOTTLED V.2 (Red, Coca-Cola) by Taiwan Ben


Taiwan Ben's BOTTLED was a worldwide hit with compliments from even the pros around the world! The smoothest Cap in Bottle you will ever perform. The method is DEVIOUS! This is a new concept for the C..

Bottle (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Perse...


There's something undeniably romantic about tossing a message into the ocean and seeing to whom fate - abetted by the currents and wind - might deliver the marine missive.Messages have been slipped in..

Taiwan Ben Magic Shop

CAP STACK by Taiwan Ben


What if you could DEFY the laws of physics, the laws of nature? You walk up to a bunch of spectators and BORROW their plastic drink bottles. Unscrewing the bottle caps, you explain that you will balan..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 124 (11 Páginas)