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Tora Magic

Jockey Chips by Tora Magic


Chips are a popular snack that people all over the world are familiar with. In this game, you will see two stunning color changes of the chips, which will magically touche the hearts of your audience...


Remote Controlled Fart Machine 2


Remote Controlled Fart Machine No.2 is the successor to the original, highly-successful fart machine. This replacement has 15 louder sounds and now works up to 100 feet!The new boom box feature adds m..

Spade Spider by Shawn Lee


This is a prank card trick. The magician shows a deck of playing cards and takes out four Aces. The empty card box can be handed over to audience for inspection. After that, the remaining cards ar..

Buttonhole Puzzle - Wood


Buttonhole Puzzle - Wood



This is a famous puzzle from the 1920’s. Once the stick and string are placed in a button hole, its seems impossible to get off! Can be quite mystifying and fun. First used by an insurance salesman..


Squeaky Wand


The magician hands a magic wand to a spectator asking him to lift it and hold it vertically. As soon as the spectator does, the wand will launch a funny and loud sound! The audience will have a blastE..

Jumbo 500 Yen Coin (7cm)


Jumbo 500 Yen Coin (7cm)



The coin is 7 centimeters in diameter and made of aluminum alloy, a jumbo replia of Japan 500 Yen. You can end a coin trick by producing a jumbo coin as a surprise finale. Or pull a jumbo coin fr..

Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game

Fuera de producción

Party game set with a roulette wheel and 16 shot glasses. Each glass is marked with a color and number that correspond to a possible landing ball pocket on the spinner. Players take turns spinning the..


Ding Dong (Black) by Magic By Gosh


The best looking black sponge available, Ding Dong Sponge is perfect for the classic multiplying routine. Get yours today!Recommended for ages 13 and above...

Hanging Horror Eye - 20 x 16 cm


The hanging horror eye looks very realistic (even more realistic in combination with theater blood). The eye is attached with the supplied liquid latex. Instructions are given on the packaging...

Plastic eye patch with relief - black


Black plastic eye patch with relief, black...

Skeleton Gloves


The gloves are supplied in black with white / green skeleton print and glitter. They are supplied in one size for adults. The material is 100% coton.Great for perfecting a scary costume...

White fabric spider web with 6 spiders


spider web, spider web, spider web - with six plastic spiders- color fabric: white- color spiders: black- fabric fabric: 100% polyester - Spinning material: 100% plastic- 20g fabric- looks very realis..

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 158 (14 Páginas)