Ropes and Rings

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Deluxe Vanishing Coin in Rings by Kupper Magic


Deluxe Vanishing Coin in Rings by Kupper Magic



Magic trick prop - monster eats coin So simple that everyone can master Comes into two rings, one ring with black velvet cover, a velvet paper and a monster patterned card Ideal for playing f..

spRING (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Joona...


spRing is a long-forgotten puzzle that's been reworked into one of the most classic and iconic plots in magic - the linking rings.Imagine being able to effortlessly melt a solid ring into the very coi..

GIR Expansion Set CGOLD (Gimmick and Online Instru...


In order to use the expansion set you must specifically own Matthew Garrett's 4 Linking Rings set in Gold, which contains rings that measure precisely 4.5" external diameter.Please measure to make sur..

Matthew Wright

Expansion Set GOLD (Gimmick and Online Instruction...


Add more mystery to your Linking Ring routine!You receive 4 gold rings of the highest quality - 3 joined rings and 1 single solid ring.Presented in a velvet bag, with online video instructions by none..

GIR Ring Set GOLD (Gimmick and Online Instructions...


GiR is a very high-quality set of close-up linking rings that uses a revolutionary new method, allowing them to be joined and (with no switch) passed out for examination. Here presented in a stunning ..

LOOPER by Hunter


LOOPER is a sleek, elegant and ordinary looking ring box that allows you to do miracles. The box does all the work. Essentially the same technology as a locking Himber wallet applied to a ring box. Yo..


Lion Rings by Hector Lion & TCC


The Chinese Linking Rings is an effect ingrained in many magicians' memories during the time they just got into magic.It is one of the most outstanding contributions of Chinese magic to the world of m..


FLIP BOOK MAGICIAN (Gimmick and Online Instruction...


One of the most original ring illusions in a new version!You can clearly make a spectator's ring disappear and make it reappear inside a box drawn on a Flipbook as the final part of the story! And the..

Chazpro Magic & Collectibles

CLING RINGS by Chazpro Magic


A Chazpro original!Easy to do, yet fascinates spectators! Show two 'brass' rings, rub them together, then touch one below the other... they stick together. You can even spin the lower ring! Drop the r..

JL Magic



Magician holds the rope tied around the stick, and when the magician pulls the rope it penetrates the stick! Easy to do No skills needed Anyone above 5 years old can perform..

GIR Expansion Set BLACK (Gimmick and Online Instru...


GiR are very high quality close-up linking rings that use a revolutionary new method, allowing rings to be joined and (with no switch) passed out for examination.It is easy to do, deceptive & vers..

3DX Ring by Shawn Lee

3DX Ring by Shawn Lee



A romantic magic!  Just prepare your ring and you can give a special gift to your lover. Such a visual and romantic masterpiece!  Easy to do, no complex sleight of hand.  Comes with a g..

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