Productions and Disappearance

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Leather Ball (Red, 0.87 inch)


Handmade, unique leather ball.Red leather with white with a 0.87 inch (2.2cm) baseball...


Three Shell Game by Vernet


The Vernet Shells are perfectly balanced, made of unbreakable plastic and the inner surface is curved to allow easier manipulation of the special pea. Very realistic in appearance, these are simply th..

Di Fatta

Choco Choco by Tora Magic


Choco Choco will allow you to make delicious chocolates appear or disappear in a blink! If you love chocolate or magic or both ... this is a must!• It is made with quality materials to make this ..

Ding Dong


Ding Dong



This is a comical end to your sponge routine, and is certainly not for use around children. At the end of your routine you produce (in the spectators hand if you are so inclined) a large manhood shape..

Tenyo Magic

Tenyo - The Final Piece

Disponible el 30 de octobre

A spectator randomly selectes a jigsaw puzzle piece from a loose pile of pieces.The magician draws attention to a cloth that covers a completed puzzle on the table. He removes the cloth and shows that..

POP Solution V2 by Kelvin Chad


A chosen card is returned to the deck. The magician inflates a balloon and places it on the case. Then he begins to lay the cards on the table one by one, from the back. At one point the balloon ..

RING HOLE (Gimmicks & Online Instruction) by P...


The Classic "Ring Flight" is an amazing piece of magic -what else could be better? Ringhole takes this classic to another level -More magical. More Impossible. The Ring Flight has evolved.Effect:Borro..

Appearing cubes by Pen & MS Magic


The perfect magic for the stage magic beginner.This set can accomplish many quite different effects:AppearancesVanishesMultiple appearancesPerpetual (reappearing) cubesTransformations - Easy to do- 10..

3 Deck by Crazy Jokers


“Everything I have seen Adrian Vega do, not only does he always fool us magicians, but he struggles and manages to derive his value to achieve full entertainment of the highest caliber” - Rocco Silano..

Tora Magic

Oh My Gift by Tora Magic


The magician opens a gift box and shows that inside there is just a gift card.In an instant, without any cover, the card will disappear and a present will magically appear in its place in the box: a m..


Self Vanishing Headphones by Ellusionist


Almost every magic kit on earth has the famous ball and vase gimmick inside. But if you take that to the street you'll be laughed at. This new gimmick takes that bullet-proof method and applies it to ..

Juan Pablo Ibañez

Harlequin's Pipe by Juan Pablo


Great Cigarette Routine! The magician makes cigarettes appear and disappear, in a simple and very magical way. All mixed with appearances of cigarette holders, lighters and, for a memorable ending .....

Mostrando 1 hasta 12 de 820 (69 Páginas)